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Explore the world of creative automation to automate the creation of marketing images. Image automation is the key to more, and better marketing.

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A creative automation tool that works FOR you!

Focus on creativity and better marketing by automating all your repetitive design tasks

One click resizing

Add multiple formats to your templates and let Abyssale readjust its layout

∞ content variations

Design a single template and connect your data to generate thousands of images, instantly

Batch image generation

Run AB tests, iterate on your banners or simply segment your campaigns into different batches

Multi-Format support

Automate your marketing images for all your distribution channels, all at the same time

Using Abyssale has helped streamline our work and productivity with ease and makes designing templates and banners so easy.”


Content manager @Pubplus
Design automation

Creative automation to spark your creativity!

With creative automation, it’s the end of boring, repetitive design tasks. You’ll have more time to focus on your creativity.

Powerful Editor

The tools you need for amazing designs

Brand guidelines

Set default rules for colors, fonts...

Pixel perfect visuals

No room left for human error

Easy banner edit

Edit an image in one click if needed

Automate your entire marketing!

Creative automation is the key to complete marketing automations. Auto-generate images from any data and publish them anywhere.

Dynamic images

Auto generate personalized email images from your contact data


Build custom workflows for any ambitious organization

Creative automation features you will love

Template editor

All the tools designers need to unleash their full creativity

Personalized images

Generate dynamic, personalized images to use in your email marketing campaigns

1000+ Integrations

Start automating with our Zapier, Make or Native Airtable applications

Image form

Empower your team to generate images from a simple form connected to a template

QR code generator

Generate thousands of different QR codes by adding this element to your templates


Create and manage your marketing content in our custom built spreadsheet

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