Automatically scale your asset production

Abyssale lets you automate the non-creative parts of campaign creation, and that's whether you know how to code or not.

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Generate asset variations from input

Scale to thousands of variations in minutes. No need to be an Excel wizard.

Batch generates visuals from a template using variations in copy, images, localization, and more. Import a CSV file or create your own list directly into Abyssale.

Batch generate marketing visuals
Abyssale Spreadsheet allows you to fill your content easily
CSV Import

Drag & drop import

Import your existing CSV files and match columns with layers in your template.

Customize visual styles from input options

Style customization

Customize any layer setting like color, font style, image source, and more.

Dynamic URL builder

Automate image personalization for marketing campaigns.
No coding skills required.

Turn any template into a dynamic URL that you can customize with merge tags from your customer’s list. Then paste the URL in your campaign tool to display personalized data automatically.

Automate marketing image personalization
Build your own dynamic image URL
Dynamic opengraph images

Opengraph generation

Automatically generate OpenGraph images for your website with dynamic text, title, and image assets.

Email merge tags

Use merge tags from your email list

Generate personalized marketing images for people in your email list by inserting merge tags into your dynamic URL directly.

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Make & Zapier integrations

Add image generation to your existing workflows

Connect Abyssale to your favorite workflow automation tool and generate dynamic images on demand.

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Nocode integration to generate visual automatically
Zapier nocode workflows

Zapier integration

Connect your templates to 2000+ apps to zap images in any marketing automation workflow.

Zapier integration
make nocode workflows

Make integration

Integrate with Make (ex Integromat) to build complex workflows in minutes.

Make integration
Airtable spreadsheet

Airtable integration

Generate images from your Airtable records. Use our native Airtable app or no-code tools.

Airtable integration

Build custom workflows with a REST API.
Developer-friendly documentation.

Generate images instantly through our API, that you can freely integrate into your own application. You can also ask our team of developers for help on your most advanced use cases.

See our image & video generation API
Abyssale API Terminal in app to test your generation & retrieve the API Payload
Abyssale SDK mockup

API Reference

Deep dive into a complete list of every actions, elements & properties available in our public API.

Api reference

Developer Hub

Read our step-by-step guides to help you make the most out of the Abyssale API.

Developer hub
Ready to start automating your visual production?
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QR code

Increase real-world reach with QR codes. Setup in one click.

Embed QR codes into your templates and change the destination URL dynamically on a per-visual level. Customize the design and logo to match your brand.

Scalable qr code generation
Generate personalized QRCode
« Abyssale is a service my brand could not live without. You've got bots that cut the workload and time of generating images by 100. I strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to cut costs on social media images creation! »
Diane - Lamalettebiz

Diane • Social Media Contractor