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Abyssale automates multi-channel marketing image creation. Designers create a template once, then hand it off to marketers who can freely generate variations in copy, image, and style.

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Still depending on a designer to get campaign assets?

Waiting for a designer

Does this sound like you?

  • 🔺 Your campaigns move forward slowly 🔺
  • 🔺You’re waiting days for designers to deliver assets 🔺
  • 🔺 You’re often stuck in endless validation loops between clients and designers 🔺

As a result

  • 😵 You can’t jump on current trends quickly enough to make your campaigns go viral 😵
  • 😵 You gave up experimenting and testing new ideas, missing out on growth opportunities 😵
  • 😵 You could be reaching your sales target with ease, instead you barely make it by the end of the quarter 😵
“You need the ability to generate campaign assets on your own, without waiting for a designer. So you can launch new ideas quickly and grow faster.”
Alessandro Stigliani

Alessandro Stigliani • CEO

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Abyssale lets you launch your campaign ideas quicker.


Generate production-ready banners by yourself. No need to learn a design tool.

Once designers in your team have added templates to Abyssale, you’re free to generate your own assets by making variations in copy, images, and more. If you don’t have a designer available, you can start from our library of 300+ pre-made templates.

Generate production ready banners

Scale to new channels & markets in minutes. No need to be an Excel wizard.

Batch generates thousands of visuals from a template using variations in format, copy, images, localization, and more. Import a CSV file or create your own list directly into Abyssale.

Scale visuals to new channels & markets with the Abyssale spreadsheet

Customize images to individual customers automatically. Without code.

Turn any template into a dynamic url that you can customize with merge tags from your customer’s list. Then paste the url in your email or social campaign to display personalized data automatically.

Customise images with dynamic parameters
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“We’ve transitioned from a manual creation process to an interface that generates all the formats after a quick funnel to complete. A huge time saving.”
Agathe braut

Agathe Braut • Art Director

“In addition to saving us time, Abyssale allowed us to lay the milestones of a gamification system for our users.”
Ines Dimassi

Ines Dimassi • Growth Manager

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