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Our mission

Abyssale was founded on the belief that modern marketing & advertising creative production should be painless, accessible, collaborative, and transparent. So we developed a creative automation solution that’s easy to set up, easy to use, and easy to scale.

We believe images are worth a thousand words and the most powerful way to communicate with customers, prospects, and colleagues.

With the ever-growing amount of creative assets that need to be published, teams waste time working on these tedious and repetitive tasks when they could be focusing their efforts on strategic projects instead.
We’re here to fix that.

Our story

Abyssale was started by a team of three co-founders who previously worked for companies like BlaBlaCar, Publicis, Expedia Qonto,... We’re a product-driven team passionate about design and technology that doesn't shy away from tough challenges.

We encourage risk-taking, learning by testing and trying new stuff.

We’re on a journey to create something innovative in the marketing automation realm.If that resonates consider joining us.

Our investors

Abyssale connects to your data where it lives, no matter the app.
Just connect and generate.

Founders Future

Founders Future is a venture studio, providing creativity, network, support and productive capital

Kima Ventures

The most active business angel in the world, backing 2 startups per week with money & care.

BPI France

French state owned investment bank, helping companies dream further and bigger, from early stage to IPO.

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