Automate design work,
Scale your marketing

Your marketing is getting ever more automated, but your designs aren’t. We provide custom creative automation solutions, helping you publish more and better marketing.

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Our take on creative automation

Whether you’re a high-growth startup or an established company undergoing digital transformation, we’ve got you covered.


Creative automation means the end of repetitive design work. Design a single template then generate thousands of content variations for all your marketing channels


Through automation, every non-designer of your organization can generate one or 100 000, on-brand images through a template created by your design team.


With our dynamic image technology, engage with your users like never before. Deliver personalized visual content through e-mail, messaging, or on your website.


We believe in inter-connection between services. On top of our 1000+ integrations, leverage the power of Abyssale’s rest API to automate image creation and publication from any software.

Automation: the answer to improved productivity and well-being

We’re on a mission to revolutionize the visual marketing industry for everyone, for the better.

Photo of someone working in a design team

Design teams

Abyssale automates the designer’s repetitive work, helping them to focus on the creative part of their job. Plus, no more endless back and forth with other departments.

Photo of someone working in a marketing team

Marketing teams

Creative automation means more autonomy and productivity. Marketers can finally generate larger volume of images from their content in complete autonomy.

Photo of someone working in a sales team

Sales teams

With Abyssale’s form, sales representatives can easily generate on-brand and personalized visuals. Charts, PowerPoint visuals, greeting cards, you name it!

Photo of someone working in a support team

Support teams

Personalization is the name of the game when we’re talking customer engagement. With Abyssale, support teams can autonomously generate on-brand, personalized images.

Photo of someone working in a HR team

HR teams

New recruits are to be treated with as much attention as any client. Allow your HR team to generate beautiful and personalized images to promote your job offers in an entirely new way

Photo of someone working in a tech team

Tech teams

You need to generate images inside your app or service ? Your tech team can easily leverage Abyssale's image rendering engine through our public REST API for infinite flexiblity

An automation suite built for the most ambitious brands

Secured data, robust infrastructures, custom solutions... we’re pepared to take on the biggest challenges

Ready to scale with you

Abyssale’s robust infrastructure is built to face any volume challenge

GDPR compliant

Your data and your users are completely secure and will never be shared with Abyssale’s partners

Here for the long run

We’re funded and backed by Kima Ventures, Founders future, and multiple business angels

What can you build

Let’s build the best creative automations, together

With Abyssale’s enterprise solutions, your imagination will know no limit.
If you can think it, we’ll build it.


Integrate anything from your tool stack, directly inside Abyssale


Custom templates designed by our team of veterans designers


We can build any interface to suit your organization needs


Get full access to our team of design and automation experts

What appealed to us was the gain in autonomy. If I decide tomorrow to launch a campaign in a new city, I can generate my visuals myself by simply adding new data to a template in 5 minutes. No need to go back and forth with the Design team.
Tom - Karos

Tom, Growth Marketing Manager @Karos


Amount of hours saved on banner production


Saved based on the average salary of a Paris located designer


Banners produced accross 4 templates

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