There is a very famous old adage that says a picture is worth 1,000 words. In the world of marketing, it has even become a golden rule. Communication is never as good as when it is illustrated. That's why graphic design tools were created. By the way, Abyssale is currently one of the best alternatives to Canva and we will explain why in this article.

First, we will see why it is relevant to find an alternative to Canva. Then, we will highlight the general similarities between Canva and Abyssale. Then, we'll explain how Abyssale presents itself as the best alternative to Canva as a graphic design tool.

Why look for a better alternative to Canva?

If I ask you to name a visual creation tool, your first instinct will probably be to think of the Australian unicorn, Canva. With more than 65 million monthly users, the platform is now the best known on the market. Nevertheless, the tool presents some problems.

Standing out

First of all, Canva's notoriety can work against you. Indeed, its templates have already been used in all sorts of ways. We find them everywhere and despite a very worked graphic charter, your audience may see your visual as yet another version of the same template. If you want visuals that attract attention, they must stand out from the rest and this requires original graphic structures.

Let's put ourselves in the shoes of your potential prospects to understand. Imagine you're scrolling through Instagram and you come across an ad for a pair of running shoes you really like. Only, the visual structure of this ad reminds you of something... Looking at it in more detail, you realize that with a few graphic notes, you are facing the same ad as the competition.

What message do you perceive if not that of an uncreative brand, without originality and without its own brand culture? You can't even play on the sense of belonging that drives consumers anymore.

Industrialize its production

Canva is not designed to mass produce a multitude of different visuals. Therefore, if you are launching a marketing campaign for an e-commerce store, for example, it can quickly become a burden. You have to create and generate the visuals one by one without any way to speed up the process.

In fact, every change, no matter how small, requires human intervention. This is one of the big black spots of the platform.

Becoming a successful designer

Although Canva allows almost anyone to improvise as a designer, the majority of visual creation experts abandon the platform. The explanation is very simple: Canva makes it easy to create graphics. But in no way is the tool advanced enough to allow professional designers to fully exploit their talent and know-how.

To create original designs and offer content that stands out like the black sheep in the flock, Canva is clearly not the most optimal option.

The similarities between Canva and its best alternative: Abyssale

You should always compare what is comparable. That's good timing because we're going to tell you about Abyssale, the best alternative to Canva. The two platforms have some basic similarities. And the first one, as you might expect, is that they are both online graphic design tools.

They both offer the possibility to create visuals from pre-designed templates that can be easily modified to fit your graphic charter. This includes the ability to insert a new font within the tool.

For both, you have access to a royalty-free image bank to illustrate all your visuals. You can also insert your own images and modify them so that they fit perfectly with your visual.

Finally, Abyssale and Canva allow you to create visuals for all types of formats. JPEG, PDF, PNG and even GIF, you can create anything in any size you want. And this, for digitalized visuals or for printing.

At first glance, Abyssale seems to play on the same field as Canva. Yet, there are many differences in usage.

Why is Abyssale positioned as the best alternative to Canva?

As you can see, although it is easy to use, Canva has some limitations when you are looking to think outside the box in terms of graphic design. It lacks an "industrial" and original aspect to the tool.

To overcome these issues, Abyssale is positioned as the best alternative to Canva and we will explain why.

Abyssale: the best alternative to Canva for mass production

When you opt for Abyssale, you are electing a professional and almost industrial way of graphic production. The tool is an unbeatable alternative to Canva in this respect. Indeed, in a few clicks and from a single template chosen by you, you can generate a multitude of different designs and yet all conform to your graphic charter.

In addition, you can generate each visual in all advertising formats in one simple operation.

Let's take the example of the pair of running shoes. Let's imagine that you want to launch an advertising campaign on social networks. You choose Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. The campaign is planned for the French, German, Italian and Spanish markets. You plan five different visuals per country.

The calculation is simple: 3 (formats) x 4 (languages) x 5 (versions) = 60. With Abyssale, you generate these 60 visuals in a few clicks while making sure you comply with your brand guidelines. Imagine how much time this can save you!

A well-honed way to collaborate for the best alternative to Canva

To launch an advertising campaign, a mailing campaign or anything else, the marketing, design and sales teams have to coordinate. This is often subject to long meetings and last minute adjustments to overcome "visual inconsistencies".

On this aspect, Abyssale is the best alternative to Canva. The designers create templates that coincide with your graphic constraints. Then, a form system allows their colleagues who have no graphic creation skills to generate images from these templates in total autonomy. Thus, Abyssale allows any pole to generate images that respect your brand's graphic charter with fluidity.

Customizable marketing visuals

As you know, the secret of good marketing lies in particular in the personalization, or even hyper-personalization of the message. Yet, how do you create a mailing campaign featuring a personalized visual with the first name of each contact? The answer is to automate.

Let's take another example. Imagine that you want to launch a mailing campaign to inform your customers of a 30% discount on your pair of running shoes. In this email, you want to integrate an image that contains the message "[first name], don't miss this promotion!". The automation on Abyssale allows you to create this type of text-based visual very easily.

This feature can also be used to set up A/B testing to measure the impact of this or that message or this or that color, etc. More than a design tool, Abyssale is a real marketing assistant. It allows you to aim for more ambitious conversion rates.

For this feature, we can't call Abyssale "the best alternative to Canva" in the sense that the Australian platform does not offer this option. Rather, it's an additional feature on Abyssale's part that makes it more suitable for mass marketing campaigns.

Finally, Abyssale can be considered the best alternative to Canva for its many features. It offers more production comfort and allows you to erase graphic inconsistencies for industrialized production of visuals. It is a way to free up time for other tasks that cannot be automated. The tool even responds to organizational problems thanks to its ability to facilitate collaboration. To better understand how to take advantage of each of the features mentioned in this article, visit our YouTube channel.