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“What appealed to us was the gain in autonomy. If I decide tomorrow to launch a campaign in a new city, I can generate my visuals myself by simply adding new data to a template in 5 minutes. No need to go back and forth with the Design team.”
Tom - Karos


Growth marketing manager @Karos

Auto-Generate images for all your marketing channels

Let your designers create stunning, on-brand templates and automate the rest! Generate thousands of images in complete autonomy to focus on more and better marketing campaigns.


Generate thousands of images for all your display advertising formats at once

Social content

Auto-generate all your social media and blog images to publish more brand-aligned visuals

Email Marketing

Deliver more email marketing campaigns by automating your email image production

Personnalized images

Boost customer engagement by delivering custom images to your contacts

Create better and faster marketing through image automation

Gain time and save cost to grow your brand at lightning speed

Generate new content in minutes

Cut the design time to focus on the rest! Use already designed templates to generate new images or videos from your most recent content.  Use our 1000+ integrations to build amazing creative automation.

Hit publish more often

Get the time to publish more creative images and generate more engagement. With Abyssale Spreadsheet, manage content and produce images all at the same place.

Always stay on-brand

With image forms, anyone in your team can create, beautiful on-brand designs in seconds. It’s the perfect tool for busy community managers who need a way to create on-brand images with the snap of a finger.

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All the features you need to automate your company’s visual production


Integrate Abyssale with your favorite tools and apps for even more powerful creative automation.

Dynamic Images

Personalized email marketing, dynamic OG images... generate personalized images using URL parameters.


Industry-leading template builder. Comes with all the tools designers need to unleash their creativity.

Team management

Include your entire team.
Streamline workflows and communication and keep everyone connected.


Get rid of the guesswork.
Build on the feedback you receive and adjust it until your banners are production-ready.


Share your vision with your team. Prevent endless feedback loops, and empower everyone to produce beautiful creatives.

Scale your visual marketing efforts today.

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