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Generate images with Airtable!

Automate image creation from your records directly within your Airtable base.

Abyssale record's data used to generate your banners directly from the app
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Automate image generation from your favorite database

Build the best Airtable social media automations, Ads automations
and overall marketing automation goodness.

Unlock the ultimate Airtable automation

It’s time to upgrade your Airtable marketing automation. Generate social media or e-commerce images from your Airtable records and publish them anywhere.

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Use our Native Airtable image generation App to generate marketing images directly inside your base.

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Airtable + Abyssale

Generate images from new Airtable record

Use this template
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Airtable + Abyssale + Buffer

Automate social media from Airtable

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Airtable + Drive

Upload generated images to Google Drive

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For developers

RESTful API image generation

Leverage the full power of Abyssale by integrating it into custom applications. Generate images instantly through API directly inside your apps

Read API documentation
API Terminal containing JSON that allows to generate a new image

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