Automate visual production from a Google Sheet

One thing is certain: in our daily professional life, getting work done faster is a pursuit that animates all of us.  

Some people, such as growth hackers, aggressively seeks the most effective way to scale & grow an organization as quickly as possible.

The purpose of this article is to explain how to create images from Google sheets content & route those images back to it with Make (ex Integromat)

This productivity tip is very helpful in some contexts, such as:

  • Create personalized images from a list of leads, that is populated back with the related image URLs. Once done, import the list to Lemlist and use a custom property to send e-mails with fully personalized images.
  • Create advertising banners from a products catalogue, populate the catalogue back with images' URLs. Once done, import your list to Pinterest to start promoting.

The tutorial will be divided into 3 parts:

  • Connect your Google Sheets in Make
  • Create an image with Abyssale for each line of your Google Sheet
  • Populate the image URL back to one of your Google Sheet column
abyssale integromat google sheets workflow
Make, Abyssale & Google sheets workflow

Preparation, one of our earlier users needed to create 100 images from quotes & images that they found on the Internet and copied in a Google Sheets.

Here is how their workflow unfolded:

  1. Create a copy of this file in your Google Sheets account.
  2. Go to, log in & create a new Template (or pick one in our template library).
  3. Then, go to, log in & create a new Scenario

Make Module 1: Fetch your Google Sheet data

  1. Choose Google Sheets as your first service
  2. Choose "Get Range Values" in the « Searches » area
  3. Connect your Google account
  4. Select your spreadsheet in the list and the related Sheet you would like to import
  5. Define the range where your data are located
  6. Select « Table contains headers »
  7. Define the row header

Make Module 2: Create an image with Abyssale

  1. Create a new module & select Abyssale
  2. Choose « Generate banners from template »
  3. Connect Abyssale with your API Key. You can find it here
  4. Select the template you created during the preparation step.
  5. Then you have to match your data with the fields you want to populate inside your Abyssale template.
Abyssale API settings
Abyssale API settings

Make Module 3: Update your Google sheet row with the urls of generated images

  1. Create a new Google Sheets module
  2. Choose « Update Row » in the « Actions » area
  3. Choose « Select spreadsheet & sheet » as mode
  4. Select again your spreadsheet & the same sheet as before.
  5. Select 1. Row Number as Row number
  6. Select Yes in the « Table contains headers » area
  7. In the (D) input: Add « 2. Image info: Image URL »

Let's launch our workflow

Once those 3 modules are configured and connected, you can click « Run Once » to launch your automated workflow. If everything goes right, the D column of your Google Sheets should now contain URLs of your generated images.

Tadaaaaa ! 🎉

This can take a while depending on the number of visuals you want to render but your google sheets should now be updated with all the images you need!

As always, if you have any questions or feedback please let us know!

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