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Create images and videos in a zap⚡

Zap banners and videos at the speed of light. Automate even more by generating images from over 2000 apps with Abyssale + Zapier. Build the most amazing creative automations workflows !

Automate at scale

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Zapier social media automations will finally be complete ! Fetch data from anywhere to zap beautiful images and post them automatically to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or wherever !

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Triggers and actions
for everything!

Explore any creative automation idea with the most complete set of triggers and actions to generate images


New image

Fetch an Image as soon as it is generated by abyssale

New image batch

Fetch multiple images as soon as it is generated by abyssale

New export

Fetch multiple images and their data when an export is created


Generate single image

Auto-generate a single image from an Abyssale template

Generate multi-formats images

Generate multiple formats of an image at once from a template designed in Abyssale

Generate Video

Auto-generate a video from an animated template designed in Abyssale

Generate Overlay on Video

Auto-generate a video with an overlay from a template designed in Abyssale

Generate GIF

Auto-generate a GIF from an animated template designed in Abyssale

Export images

Export on or multiple previously generated images in .zip format

Find image

Fetch details about a previously generated image

Find template

Fetch details about a template you designed in Abyssale

Find format

Fetch details about a format added to a template you designed in Abyssale

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Homemade recipes to get you started!

Check-out the Zapier marketing automations our marketing team has prepared for you.

Airtable picto
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Airtable + Abyssale

Generates image from new Airtable records

Use this template
Shopify picto
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Instagram Picto
Shopify + Abyssale + Instagram

Post to instagram from new Shopify products

Use this template
Twitch Picto
Abyssale blue picto
Twitter picto
Twitch + Abyssale + Twitter

Send tweet with image from new twitch livestream

Use this template
Slack Picto
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Slack Picto
Slack + Abyssale+ Slack

Send personalized images for new Slack users

Use this template
Typeform Picto
Abyssale blue picto
Typeform + Abyssale

Generate coupon codes from new Typeform entries

Use this template
For developers

RESTful API image generation

Leverage the full power of Abyssale by integrating it into custom applications. Generate images instantly through API directly inside your apps

Read API documentation
API Terminal containing JSON that allows to generate a new image

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