Automated generation of custom QR codes.

Embed QR codes into your design templates once and let abyssale change the destination URL to match your campaigns automatically.

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The most efficient QR code generator

Easily auto-generate QR codes for your marketing content using Abyssale. Create, generate and scan!

Create a QR template

Pick from our free QR code banner template library or create your own designs to suit your marketing needs.

Customize your QR code

Select any color from the RGB spectrum to personalize your QR code. Change the background and foreground colors.

Add logos to your QR code

Simply add a logo or image at the center of your QR code. Create on brand and recognizable designs to attract more users.

Set default QR code link

Our editor supports all HTTP, HTTPS and URI links. Edit the link of your QR code as you wish and redirect your users.

What can you build

Save time and improve your QR code strategy

With the Abyssale editor, start creating powerful brand experiences that drive increased customer engagement and ROI in minutes

Improve tracking

Infinite UTM tracking possibilities

Customization a scale

Personalize QR codes on the fly

API generation

Generate QR codes through our API

Personalized landing pages

Make use of URL parameters

Make (ex Integromat) Picto
Zapier picto

Explore our
free QR codes templates

We’ve designed, free, easy to use QR codes banner templates. Pick and choose from our QR code template library or create your own.

Conference badges

The best QR codes conference badges to prepare your next professional event.


Attract more leads by giving away personalized coupon codes to newcomers. You can event personalize them!


Ready to go QR code templates for your event advertising campaigns


Promote any kind of event with our amazing QR code flyer templates

Want to explore our full public QR code template library?
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Learn more about Abyssale

There's much more to what Abyssale can do than generate QR codes! Explore all our other creative automation features

Banner Maker

Unleash your creativity and automate repetitive design tasks with our editor made by designers, for designers.

Video Generation

Start auto-generating dynamic videos for advertising, social media, outreach and more.

HTML5 Generation

Automate your html5 banner creation to scale your advertising campaigns! Easy to use and no coding required


Create, edit and manage your visual marketing content all at the same place to generate images faster than ever before.

Personalized images

Generate, dynamic and personalized images from any data. Deliver a more engaging outbound and inbound experience.

Image Form

Generate beautiful images from a simple form. Empower your teams to create stunning visuals without any design skill .

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