You want to launch a display ad campaign and you're afraid of missing out? Or are you simply looking for inspiration?

The best display ads are a subtle combination of text, visuals and call-to-action elements.

To help you create impactful campaigns, we've brought together the best display ads of the moment, and shared with you the secrets of their success.

But first, let's go back to the basics.

How To Tell That Some Display Ads Work Better Than Others?

Here are all the five basic elements of effective and successful display ads. Let's look over each of them and try to understand them in a better way so that later on, you can use them to engage your audience:

#1. Visuals Components

The visuals of your display ads are like the wallpaper of a room. Tough, at first, you may not notice it but remember that you cannot keep your eyes off if they clash with the rest of the room. So, if you want to make your display ads emotionally effective, make them visually appealing. And for that, you must work on the following ad creatives for your display ads:


The colors you choose for an ad can evoke emotions and greatly impact how the audience perceives your message. The color patterns also affect your ad's effectiveness, make it appealing, and make your product memorable for viewers. So, when choosing the colors for your ads, keep your brand's personality in mind.

It is not only about selecting the colors but also about understanding their psychology. Different colors trigger different responses. You can utilize this knowledge to align your ad's message with your brand's values and message.

For example, red conveys a sense of urgency, while blue conveys trust. Likewise, muted colors create a calming atmosphere, while vibrant colors easily grab the audience's attention and make your ad stand out.

So, advertisers can design impactful, effective, and emotionally engaging ad campaigns by carefully choosing the colors that resonate with their targeted audience.


High-quality images or graphics are the essential components of visually appealing display ads. Clear, crisp, unique, creative, and high-resolution images can make the banner ads stand out and quickly grab the potential customer's attention.

Your chosen image should be relevant to your product or service and align with your brand's aesthetics. With the right image, you can tell your audience a story and create a connection with them.

Though you might find stock photos easier and more convenient, custom photography can set your ads apart. You can also use personalized images to make your ads more authentic and relatable. These ads are more effective in engaging the audience.


Always use your logo whenever and wherever you can. It will help you maintain brand consistency, improve brand recognition, and increase recall. In this way, people who interact with your ad become familiar with your brand, which builds trust.

Another plus is that it can amplify other parts of marketing, including SEO. The brand logo should be the focal point of your display and prominently displayed on your ad (either at the top or bottom).

#2. Texts Elements

The text of your ad should be simple and clear, and your product, brand, or services should be explained clearly. Let's look over all the text elements in detail here:


When you are creating the display ad, you will have to compose four pieces of copy, including:

  • One short headline, which will be 25 characters
  • One long headline, which will be 90 characters
  • Your business name
  • And one description, which will be 90 characters

Regarding the headlines, there are two things that you need to keep in mind:

  1. Google ads can exclude the description
  2. Google ads will never run both at the same time

Regardless of which headline is selected for the iteration of RDA, there is no guarantee that the description will accompany it. The headline should be enough to communicate the business's unique values or tell the story of your offer.

Body Copy

Body copy is the main text that conveys the content or information and usually appears in blocks or paragraphs throughout the design piece. It should be well-formatted, well-organized, legible, and easy to read, with appropriate line spacing, paragraph structure, and alignment. It will enhance readability, keep the reader engaged, and make the content more enjoyable to consume.

Remember that the body copy provides the bulk of the information within a design piece, shapes its structure, visual hierarchy, flow, and guides the viewer through the content. You should never ignore your body copy, as it is a crucial part of your ad.

When designing the body copy, select typefaces and sizes suitable for the targeted audience and consider factors like visual hierarchy and readability. Keep it as simple as possible and highlight the products' unique features. Answer the posed questions and support the claim in the headline.

Call To Action

You cannot underestimate the power of a strong and clear CTA (call to action). Marketers always use effective and simple phrases such as CTA, which easily grab the reader's attention and draw potential consumers in.

For instance, the most appealing CTA for a bakery can be "Cake, Delicious, Gluten Free, Moist" or "Click For Yum." These call-to-actions are appealing; hungry browsers can quickly click on them midday.

So, when writing the CTA, ensure it is short, includes an actionable verb, and is to the point. Call-to-actions written this way ensure good conversion rates. If you are not sure which CTA will work for you, you can test two variations but leave the other design elements constant (as you should always test one element at a time) and monitor the performance of both.

#3. Layout

The ad layout involves arranging text, images, shapes, and colors. It has a great impact on the way people respond to an ad. It would help if you created an effective layout for your ad. Let's see which the crucial elements of layout:


The most important thing is to have a legible and clear typographic hierarchy. Remember that if the audience cannot understand the message, no one will click, regardless of how amazing the visuals are.

So, to create the hierarchy, you can use different and complementary typefaces. Also, try using unusual fonts for the vital info you want to convey. To add information, use the traditional font. If you want some part of the ad to stand out, use a style or bold typeface.


Whitespace, also known as negative space, is the empty area around and between the elements of online ads. Though it may seem unreasonable, negative space can make the ads more engaging and effective. It will also improve readability, focus, conversion, and balance.

If you want to add whitespace to your ads, divide it into two parts: macro and micro. Micro is the smallest area separating the ad's small elements like icons, text, or borders. Macro white space can be used to focus and emphasize the main message. It can also be used for CTA (call-to-action) and to create a sense of simplicity that will appeal to the audience's emotions.


Though different components of display ads, such as images, texts, and whitespace, can make your ads visually appealing and readable, it is crucial to keep them balanced to maintain their effectiveness. Without balance, the text and images look like they are competing with each other instead of complementing one another.

#4. Ad Sizes And Formats

Many of us might think that ad size does not matter. But that is not true. Display ad size is a key factor determining what a user sees on the Internet, where he sees it, and how he engages with it. Ultimately, ad size decides the likelihood of a d being seen.

Ad size can maximize or limit your display ads' reach, which ultimately affects the ads' clicks, conversions, and impressions. Now, if you are thinking about which ad size you should use, let us tell you that Google has suggested the below-mentioned five best-performing ad sizes, and you can use any of these:

  • Medium Rectangle (300 x 250)
  • Large Rectangle (336 x 280)
  • Half Page (300 x 600)
  • Leader Board (728 x 90)
  • Large Mobile (320 x 100)

Regarding the format, remember that Google allows images in three formats: GIF, PNG, and JPG. One more thing: ensure that no banner is displayed larger than 150KB (regardless of the direction).

#5. Animation And Interactive Elements

Animated ads use motion to grab the viewer's attention. They are created as HTML5 or GIF files. You can display these ads in multiple frames, allowing more complex storytelling or messaging. These interactive ads keep the audience engaged and urge them to click.

You can use animated ads throughout the marketing funnel and beat static ads to build brand awareness. These ads are more suitable and compatible with almost every browser or operating system. Regardless of which device your audience is using, these ads will perform equally and are distributed over the entire Google Display Network.

Animated ads have several engaging elements that marketers can analyze to optimize performance. The metrics you should consider here include engagement rates, interaction rates, video plays, mouse-overs, and many others.

The 28 Best Display Ads

We are sharing the best examples of display ads on the web to give you ideas for your next online advertising campaign. So, let's have a look at them.

But wait a minute. Why should you learn from them?

Remember that poorly implemented ads can negatively impact your business; users find them irrelevant, and such advertising campaigns waste money. On the other hand, effective display ads are a great way to grab the audience's attention. And you need to be on top if you want to drive action.

The best display advertising mentioned below will help you find and understand the tactics that let your ads stand out:

  1. Semrush
  2. Amazon
  3. Perigold
  4. LinkedIn
  5. Nike
  6. Preply
  7. HP
  8. Disney +
  9. Uber Eats
  10. Apple
  11. Coca-Cola
  12. Google’s Gmail Ads
  13. Adobe
  14. Santander Bank
  15. Central Penn College
  16. Geico
  17. Dell
  18. Elementor
  19. Spotify
  20. Wix
  21. PayPal
  22. Ralph Lauren
  23. Merrell
  24. Chanel
  25. Lexus
  26. Macquarie
  27. Nerva
  28. Optimum

Now, let’s look over these ads one by one:

#1. Semrush

The Semrush ad provides social proof and connects it with specific numbers. The result automatically makes this ad more trustworthy and lets Semrush grab the audience’s attention quickly. Do you know what two things Semrush has done to build trust?

They added the question, "Want to grow revenue 1800?" which helps to engage the audience, and then it changes to "the Cycleverse did & you could too." Besides that, the social proof used in this ad had a psychological impact on the users, urging them to follow the successful patterns set by others.

Remember that people want reassurance and validation from others. When they see that others benefit from it, they are easily convinced that they can also do this and benefit from it.

The number "1800%" in the present ad captures viewers' attention and makes it more credible. Have you noticed that the ad presents a uniform brand image? They have used their brand's colors throughout the ad, which is amazing as it makes the ad instantly recognizable and reinforces its identity.

#2. Amazon

One of the major issues workers face in the infrastructure industry is "money," and Amazon has used this in its ads. The ad promises a wage rise, and the employees can expect more than the national average. So, who will neglect this tempting offer?

Though Amazon's job is demanding, working conditions are less than perfect, and their offer for employees easily covers this issue. That is why this Amazon ad is so successful.

Besides these, CTA (call-to-action) is a subtle invitation to join the team, implying a team-based pleasant working environment.

#3. Perigold

The ad of Perigold speaks to a specific in-market audience, the luxury interior designers and their clients.

Now, think of this ad, which appears on the side of the page. Imagine someone scrolling on the same page while reading about interior design websites. Would it not be eye-catching and attention-grabbing?

Of course, it will. And have you seen the ad text? It says all about the Perigold and tells you what they have for you, which is what you are searching for. In the end, CTA is simple but powerful!

#4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn has used "pain point marketing" in its display ad, which resonates directly with the audience's challenges or problems. This makes the solution offer relevant to the viewers, and the chances of converting the audience to potential customers increase multiple times.

So, identifying and addressing the pain points will help you to build an immediate and emotional connection with your audience. Also, it creates empathy and remember that it is what people love about the brands.

LinkedIn discusses a common issue (the difficulties and cost of hiring the right candidates) in the ad, which is a real headache for the employees. Then, it provides the solution, which hurts exactly where it hurts the most.

Have you noticed that the text? The ad text "find the people you want to interview faster" might look simple but powerful enough to hit the right target.

Finding the right talent is costly and has become tough because of skills shortages and fierce competition. Besides that, it also takes time and resources to analyze resumes and conduct interviews.

LinkedIn knows all these frustrations, as the ad tells you. So, by helping users find interview-worthy candidates, the platform hits their pain points and urges them to click.

#5. Nike

The present Nike ad is appealing and one of the great display ads. It is so because the ad shows all the physical qualities of the product and summarizes its unique features—all a buyer needs to know.

Plus, the minimum text and an appealing shoe image are enough to attract the target audience and urge them to shop at!

#6. Preply

Social proof is one of the biggest marketing tools, and it will not change any time soon. Preply knows that very well. In this ad, you can see a user's review shared on the platform.

While designing your ad, go a little further and share the testimonials shared by the customers on the Google business profile. It will be the best way to show your trustworthiness. You can also add video testimonials as they are more effective.

#7. HP

Through this ad, HP targets small and medium businesses that struggle to stay organized during tax season.

It is an example of contextual display ads as it speaks to the issues the public and businesses face while the tax deadline is approaching. This type of advertising urges the target audience to access the products or services they need immediately. And just like the CTA of this ad, its color contrast is appealing and attention-grabbing!

#8. Disney +

Disney has been working for many decades, but when it launched Disney + streaming services, Disney ran a wide range of display ads to convey its message.

The present Disney + ad is one of the best examples of display advertising, and the major reason for its success is the use of well-known characters and brand logos. Disney uses the most beloved characters at the top to capture the audience's attention. The brand logos in the middle of the ad give a clear idea of what will be shown on Disney Plus.

Lastly, this ad's real attention-grabbing element is the CTA (call-to-action) present at the end of the ad phrasing "Start Free Trail," which is powerful enough and will not let the audience go!

#9. Zelle

The color scheme of this ad makes it appealing and captures the viewers' attention. Plus, through this ad, Zelle focuses on helping people. Besides that, the ad's headline also does an excellent job of making people curious. So, how will they not click to find more?

Plus, Zelle teams up with Vox to tell its readers about tricks to keep scammers away. When readers click on the ad to learn about the scammers, Zelle shows them more ads and promotes its services this way. It is also retargeting.

#10. Honey

Honey (an online plugin) has been designed to help users find codes for different stores and the best discount coupons. You can test multiple coupons with just one click and get the best prices.

Honey uses the display ad to target new customers and encourage more downloads. In the present ad, the brand raises awareness about the plugin's capabilities and explains its money-saving features to attract more customers.

The straightforward headliner is a key element that makes this ad successful. It clearly shows what customers will get and is a good way to address the pain. Viewers have got their message and are taking it as Honey wants!

#11. Pepsi

In most of the Pepsi ads, you see other influential celebrities; in this ad, they also feature Michael Jackson. His presence in this ad adds star power and creates an association between Pepsi and popular culture.

The other most important element of this successful ad is its powerful slogan. The slogan conveys that Pepsi transcends age boundaries and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. In this way, the brand easily appeals to and attracts a wide range of customers.

#12. New York Times

Fake news has become a trend, and the New York Times is aware of it. That is why it avoids such stories and tells its audience that it will provide them with a reliable source of information.

The ad also shows that the New York Times can stay relevant to the rapidly changing media landscape by leveraging current trends and addressing pressing concerns.

The CTA, where they say "see my options," personalizes the ad. Also, it encourages users to explore various subscriptions and other options the New York Times offers. Lastly, the strong brand positioning is another powerful element of this ad.

#13. Adobe

Adobe shares two ads that convey the same message but target different audiences. The first ad is for businesses where Adobe offers group plans. The offer is pocket-friendly, and the ad indicates what it is exactly. The second ad is to attract individuals engaged in the same projects.

Have you noticed that both ads include pricing? Everyone considers Adobe a premium product, and its prices are not affordable for freelancers or small businesses. So, Adobe has tried to quickly address that common pain point and let the readers know they will get an affordable product via a subscription option.

And how can you ignore the design? Isn't it appealing? The ad itself shows what Adobe is capable of and makes it click-worthy!

#14. Santander Bank

The bank has used every space in its ad without making it crowded. The little text message at the start of the ad looks appealing and is an excellent way to attract a younger audience.

The ad summarizes the Student Value Checking account clearly and concisely. The text size and color combination are also appealing and striking. Plus, how the text addresses the audience and offers a $50 bonus is enough to capture their attention.

#15. Instapage

The simplicity is the virtue of this ad. Remember that a customer will never show interest in your product if you cannot communicate the value of your product or offer. Though the ad for Instapage is simple, it indicates they are the most powerful land page builders, which is what a user needs.

The other feature of this ad that makes it so successful is the CTA, which pushes the users to find out what makes them the best. Also, Instapage effectively conveys their business's value, indicating they better understand advertising.

#16. Geico

Geico has used an amazing color and contrast, making their new offer appealing. Could there be a better way to promote your new offer than this skyscraper display ad?

Many people know about Geico's car insurance services, but not all are aware of Geico’s home insurance services. The present display ad uses Geico’s brand awareness as a car insurance company and promotes its cost-effective and better policies for both services (home and car).

The color contrast and icons also show that Geico combines two worlds. Now, Geico offers you something more than car insurance. Geico has demonstrated how display ads can be a great medium to tell the world about your new products.

#17. Dell

Dell has designed this display ad very cleverly. As you can see, the image has been cut in half, urging the users to slide.

Not only that, but they have also made an irresistible limited offer for computer buyers. So, they have greatly used the Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO). The sense of emergency pushes the buyer to make a quick decision.

#18. Elementor

Elementor uses a bright, high-contrast color scheme (turquoise and navy) that lets the ad stand out in social media or Instagram feeds. The clear ad copy makes it easier for the audience to understand what the brands want to say, and the CTA is also strong enough.

The ad's element of mystery urges viewers to click and reach the landing page, where they can see what Elementor is talking about.

#19. Ridge

Bulky leather wallets not only look old-fashioned, but they also make your new chip card vulnerable to thieves and snatchers. Would you like that to happen? If not, you must purchase a new wallet to resolve this issue easily.

The other reason to buy this single slim package is that it appeals to men everywhere. And this is what this ad says to you. Ridge has made the difference between the two crystal clear by comparing them, which is an impressive way to tell the audience why they need to buy a new wallet. The visual comparison is also persuasive enough to urge the audience to click on the ad and buy a new wallet.

#20. Wix

The ad is compelling, and the complementary colors make it so appealing. Wix uses navy blue with orange, and this bold color combination is pleasing to the eye. Plus, the ad conveys its message artfully and cleanly, so everyone finds this abstract-style infographic attractive.

#21. PayPal

PayPal targets businesses by promising to increase their number of repeat buyers. Now, it's important to understand why this promise is so compelling.

Remember that the probability of selling a product to a new buyer is up to 70%, but when it comes to old buyers, the chances decrease up to 20%. PayPal understands this and promises to increase the number of repeat buyers by up to 30%. Does it not sound compelling to you?

PayPal shows itself as loyal, and the powerful text makes this ad more impactful. So, who would not click on it?

#22. Ralph Lauren

Models are wearing the fashion collection, and it looks like a perfect way to introduce your new collection. But what if you want to make your ad stand out and perform better than your competitors? Take the models to the beach!

These models have been dressed up and are wandering along the beach, socializing instead of sunbathing or swimming. Isn't this unique and unusual? Undoubtedly, it makes this ad successful and grabs the audience's attention. Also, the ad clearly shows an excellent example of branding with display ads!

#23. Merrell

Who is unfamiliar with Merrell? The renowned footwear brand takes its unique advertising approach to the next level by displaying its shoes in a natural forest. Do you know why they placed these shoes in this environment instead of the typical blank background?

Simply put, this ad lets the brand stand out among competitors. Aldo is the best way to seek the attention of attention seekers and outdoor enthusiasts. The ad automatically evokes the urge to explore the great outdoors.

#24. Chanel

The ad is simple but elegant and appealing. The design and color palette reflect the brand's timeless image. The good part is that the message is conveyed with minimum text.

The ad's visual elements, including the product image, are simple, which makes it more appealing. These elements instantly let viewers recognize the brand and show its luxury. The ad shows the power of simplicity and tells you how clearly Chanel understands the needs of its customers.

#25. Lexus

Everyone is familiar with Lexus. It is a luxury automotive brand with a unique marketing strategy to introduce and promote its new speaker system. In the ad, instead of marketing the car, the brand focuses on its innovative features and easily grabs the attention of potential customers.

Lexus strengthens its brand image among consumers by focusing on innovative and cutting-edge technology. The content also creates a last impression on the audience and assures its customers an advanced and superior experience.

#26. Macquarie

The Macquarie display ad is simple but powerful and effectively conveys the message. You can see the logo on the left side, which is pretty enough for brand awareness, and the message appearing on screen is powerful and tells the audience Macquarie is here to assist them and will give them the space to learn at their own pace.

Besides that, the color combination text style and size also play a key role in making this ad successful. Lastly, the CTA asks the audience what they are waiting for and why not join their team and start learning!

#27. Nerva

The message conveyed in this ad is impressive and effective. First, the root cause of the audience's problem and the reason for the creation of Nerva have been explained. It is the best way to hit users' pain points.

Later, you can see how effectively and quickly the product helps patients or users recover by treating the root cause of diseases (IBS). About 150,000 people are using Nerva, and 20,000 of them have recovered from IBS, which adds value to this ad.

But what makes this ad stand out is the testimonials, where the other users share their experiences and how Nerva has helped them regain their quality of life. So, who would not like to take a risk-free trial?

#28. Optimum

The start of this ad is enough to grab the audience's attention. After that, Optimum cleverly tells the users how they can save $1000/year. How will they deny this offer? Plus, Optimum smoothly tells it's starting cost and pushes the audience to take action and save more!

<video controls loop playsinline src="" style="width:100%; height:500px"></video>

This ad's offer and color combination are effective and eye-catching. The ad text is clear and easy to read, and Optimum effectively conveys its message to the target audience. Additionally, the logo at the bottom is good for brand awareness.

Have you been inspired ?

Now, it’s time to create !

Don’t forget your main objective : convince your target to make a specific action.

Good luck !