Shopify is a great online platform for e-business especially because of its interoperability. Indeed you can connect shopify with a lot of tools and make your daily work easier.

At Abyssale, our core business is all about images. That's why we know how important they are for e-business, but also how time consuming image creation can be. That's where our second business focus comes from: automation. At Abyssale, we develop a range of solutions to automate image creation and are always looking for time-saving tips.

This article is the result of the combination of these two points. We have already explore how to automatically add product images on shopify, but numerous times, when you add a new product on shopify you want to upload several images. This is why we’ll go further in shopify media upload this time by seeing how we can do a shopify bulk product image upload

Choose your method

To make a shopify bulk image import, two ways are possible. You can either do it directly from you shopify account or do it from a CSV file. In this tutorial we’ll go throuh both of these methods.

The advantage of the first method is that it is simple and allow you to do a shopify bulk product image upload and use these images for your store and product pages.

But the second method is more exhaustive as it will allow you to import not only images but also all your other product information.

Shopify Media upload

1) Process

For the first method, directly in your shopify account, go to :

Settings > Files > Upload files.


Now you can upload several images directly from your computer.

upload items

Once your import is done, you can set up our store or new product and use the images you’ve just uploaded.

If you have a lot of images, you can also filter them  ( by size or by filter files bar)

2) Attention points :

When uploading your images pay attention to their size (maximum 20 MB)  and their format (JPEG, PNG, GIF, HEIC, WEBP)

Note also that is recommended to upload a maximum of 20 images per import.

create images from your shopify catalog

Shopify bulk import images with CSV

Another, and much more time efficient way to upload media to Shopify is to do it in bulk. To do so, you can use a .CSV file.

You can use your .CSV file as a data base for your Shopify product pages. As usual you enter all your product characteristics by accurately respecting the data structure of Shopify.

This way, for each column you fill your product informations : Product name, price, description …

And when it comes to the images, you have to enter an accessible URL.

Copy paste the url of your image in you .CSV file. This way you will have several lines and columns including all your products data that you can import in bulk in Shopify and save precious time.

To get URLs for your images, you can for example bulk upload them to S3 or another media hosting provider. If you don’t know how to generate URLs for your own images, you can also do it directly from Shopify. Using the first method to do it, just upload your images in shopify > settings > files and upload your images there.

You can find all your images URLs in the “Link” Column

get image url

Once you have your images URLs you can paste it in the Image src column of your sheet/ csv.

A good thing is, in addition to be able to upload several product images in the same sheet, you can also add several image for a same product. All you have to do is to add as many rows as you want under the same product. You can read more information on that just here.

Now you have 2 different methods to import images in bulk in Shopify 🙂

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