The effectiveness of your marketing campaigns doesn't just depend on the visual aspect of your banners. Although this is our area of expertise at Abyssale, we are aware that other factors come into play.

Among these factors, campaign delivery is crucial. It's all about choosing the right ad network to deliver your ads.

Don't know what an ad network is? Then we invite you to read our article "What is an ad network and how to choose the right one?"

Here, we're going one step further and sharing with you our list of the best ad networks.

1. Google AdSense

We're talking about the most famous advertising network to date. Google AdSense currently has over 2 million users, and that's no accident.

This network makes it easy for both publishers and advertisers to use, with an extension added to Wordpress (the world's most popular CMS).

As an advertiser, Google will provide you with in-depth data to optimize your campaigns in terms of targeting, location, broadcast schedules, etc. It's a tool for beginners and the more experienced alike, as it facilitates analysis for strategic decision-making.

What's more, it's the advertising network that attracts the most publishers. So many potential locations for your campaigns.

2. Amazon Ads

Not to be confused with the Amazon Affiliate network, Amazon Ads is one of the most frequented advertising networks with over 300 miliion active accounts.

The network has extensive experience in tracking user behavior. This enables them to guide both advertisers and publishers to optimize the performance of your campaigns.

You'll be able to broadcast your banner ads in display or video simply by programming. However, the Amazon Ads network does not accept publishers with less than 5,000 unique visits per day. It is also present in 18 countries. So if you're going to use this ad network, it's for large-scale distribution.

3. Ezoic

Ezoic brings together several hundred ad servers. It's even Google-certified, so you can use the Google AdX network, which isn't accessible via Google AdSense.

What sets Ezoic apart is that it optimizes the advertising experience for visitors thanks to automated intelligence. This analyzes each visitor to understand how best to capture their attention. It focuses on the locations, quantity and size of ads to which each is most receptive, to optimize the ROI of each campaign.

4. Clickadu

With Clickadu, you can be part of over 6 billion daily impressions worldwide.

This advertising network will put you in contact with more than 3,500 publishers for the distribution of your advertising banners.

Clickadu is renowned for the quality of the traffic it delivers. Its fraud detection system protects advertisers' financial integrity. This is an important factor when it comes to optimizing the ROI of your campaigns.

5. Suomzilla

Suomzilla makes it easy to manage and optimize advertising campaigns. In fact, it is the network offering the most advanced targeting solutions on the market. It enables advertisers to increase their return on investment thanks to a higher conversion rate.

It's an advertising network that's just as well suited to beginners (with its interface) as to experienced marketers, thanks to the quality and transparency of the data it provides.

If you need to, you can even talk to a manager who can advise and guide you in your strategic decision-making.

6. Taboola

Based in New York, the advertising network Taboola enables you to distribute your content to the most popular news media.

Its competitive advantage lies in the credulity of the traffic towards the media hosting your advertising banner. As an advertiser, you're dealing with an audience that's more trusting and therefore more willing to click on your ads.

However, if you're looking for reviews of Taboola, you may come across a wave of criticism. These mainly concern the platform's lack of transparency, particularly on the subject of rates.

7. Adsterra

Adsterra, it's more than 30 billion ad impressions every month. This advertising network stands out for the wide range of advertising formats it offers. As an advertiser, you'll have no trouble finding relevant locations for your banner ads.

And you'll be able to reach traffic from all over the world. This feature combines perfectly with Abyssale's ability to duplicate your banners in multiple languages.

To optimize the ROI of your campaigns, you can choose from different payment methods such as cost-per-click, cost-per-impression, cost-per-1000, etc. It's one of the advertising networks offering the most payment alternatives.

Finally, this non-exhaustive list of the best ad networks can help you choose the best delivery option for your advertising campaigns.

However, don't forget that there's no ONE network that's better than the others, but rather one that's more suited to your needs. You need to look at the functionalities of each network and draw parallels with your use to make the right choice.