We're currently living in an age of inattention. In 2015, a study conducted by Microsoft even revealed that humans have gone from 12 seconds of average attention (in 2000) to 8 seconds.

Capturing the attention of Internet users has become increasingly difficult, and social networks have their share of responsibility. To counteract this phenomenon, marketers need to come up with more and more good ideas to create visual content that captures users' interest. All this, with ever-shorter deadlines for production due to ever-more content-demanding algorithms.

Automating visual creation is the answer to this growing need for content creation. It uses new technologies to reduce production time and increase the volume of content created. This practice offers a number of advantages that have become virtually indispensable to staying competitive in the marketplace.

In this article, we'll go back over the principles of automating visual creation before discussing its advantages. Then, we'll explain why Abyssale is the preferred option for this.

What is visual creation automation?

Automating visual creation involves automating certain repetitive and tedious tasks. The practice is made possible by certain automation technologies.

Marketers and other advertisers use this practice to make the most of their resources and, above all, to save time. Other benefits include visual personalization and brand consistency.

Thanks to these principles, automating visual creation enables brands to maximize their impact, optimize their communications strategy and more effectively engage their target audience.

The benefits of automating your visual creation

Optimizing time and resources

The main aim of all automation is to save time by leaving repetitive tasks in the hands of computers. When applied to visual creation, automation reduces the time allocated to production.

As a result, you can quickly create personalized visuals on a large scale. This allows you to iterate more easily, to deliver visuals that are truly tailored to your target audience.

What's more, it's a way of overcoming a lack of human or technological resources.

Imagine having to increase the volume of visual content created by 50% without being able to recruit more people to help you. In this case, automating visual creation becomes one of the best alternatives for freeing up your time and focusing essentially on the creative part and the search for new ideas.

Personalization and adaptation

In modern marketing, personalization has become one of the best weapons for capturing users' attention. The more personalized a message is, the more the user will feel considered, and the more they'll want to listen to your message.

Automated visual creation takes personalization a step further. It allows you to create visuals from a database and create messages that are truly relevant and appealing to your target audience.

Imagine you need to create Instagram Ads for sports shoes. You want to target both men and women. Using a database containing different shoe images, punchy messages and color codes tailored to each target, you'll have visuals that are more likely to catch your audience's attention.

Encourage A/B testing

A/B testing allows you to test the effectiveness of each element of a sales page, e-mail or visual. It can boost the ROI of a marketing campaign.Nevertheless, multiplying visuals is a time-consuming practice. That's why many companies abandon this practice. Automation makes A/B testing of your visuals more feasible and boosts the performance of a marketing campaign.

Brand consistency

Whatever channels a brand uses to communicate, visual consistency is essential. It reinforces customer recognition and trust in the brand. It's also a way of being identified at first glance by users.

By automating the creation of your visuals, you can maintain graphic consistency in your campaigns thanks to templates. You'll create visuals that respect a graphic charter, whatever the format or distribution channel.

Imagine you want to create a post with an image for different networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. Formats vary from one social network to another. But, with a visual creation automation tool like Abyssale, you'll maintain graphic consistency across each of your posts.

Increase profitability

There's an old saying that "time is money". And the automation of visual creation confirms this. The equation is quite simple: you spend less time creating ever more effective campaigns, bringing in ever more customers. Profitability therefore increases considerably.

Taking your business to the next level

If you're looking to take your visual content creation to the next level, then automation is the way to go.

It allows creative and marketing teams to work asynchronously on the same project. In effect, the creative team imagines the visual while the marketing team selects the campaign's channel and message. The automation of visual creation allows everyone to work independently. This makes it easier to adapt to the schedules of individual team members.

As already explained, automating visual creation frees up time for marketing teams. This time they can invest in other tasks that are more important to the growth of your business.

Automate your visual creation with Abyssale

Now that you know the benefits of automating visual creation, you're probably wondering how to go about it. Our answer is very simple: Abyssale.

With this no-coding Saas platform, visual creation becomes child's play for you and your teams. Thanks to its API, it can be connected to any tool, making it easy to automate the tasks of data collection and visual generation.

With just a few clicks, you can generate a variety of banner ads, videos or any HTML5 content.

With Abyssale, you benefit from:

  • A template editor to let designers express their creativity.
  • Over 1,000 integrations for easy automation, including Zapier, Airtable and Make.
  • Spreadsheet: where you can create and manage all generated content.
  • Image Form: a form-based system for creating visuals from a template without requiring designers.
  • Dynamic Image: for emailing and visuals with personalized text.
  • A tool that simplifies A/B testing to boost your conversion rate.
  • An analysis system to monitor your use and ROI of generated visuals.

Find out more about Abyssale and its features in this video demonstration.

Finally, the automation of visual creation offers many advantages. It's become almost indispensable, whether to meet high production volumes or to increase the profitability of your content.

By automating your visual creation, you'll be able to create more personalized messages in less time, while maintaining graphic consistency for your brand. You'll reduce visual production costs, increase profitability and keep your business growing.

To automate visual creation simply and without having to delve into code, turn to Abyssale. The SaaS platform has all the features you need to optimize your visual marketing campaigns.

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