In this short tutorial, we will see how to generate videos using Abyssale Spreadsheet. Every marketer and content creator knows that it can be really time consuming to create and edit videos in bulk. But you will soon learn a quick and easy way to do it using a bulk video editor!

This tutorial can also be very helpful if you create video content on a daily basis and/or if you need to A/B test your videos or ads for an upcoming marketing campaign.

The tutorial will be divided into 3 steps:

  • creation of a video template in Abyssale
  • generation with Spreadsheet
  • export of the videos generated

Let’s jump into it!

Why use Spreadsheet?

Spreadsheet is a powerful tool which can be used as a bulk video editor. It allows you to use an intuitive interface made of columns and rows to quickly edit and generate template variations. The Spreadsheet generation method is perfect for generating big quantities of templates at once!


For this tutorial, we will take the example of a fashion brand that needs to generate videos for its Instagram stories. The brand’s goal is to promote its Black Friday offers. However, they do not want to spend 3h editing their Instagram stories one-by-one. They need something fast and efficient! You work in the marketing team and you’re about to learn THE solution to make it quick and simple. 😏

Step 1: Create a new template in Abyssale

The first step is to log into your Abyssale account and to navigate to the Dashboard section. Create a new template using the “Animation” type. Note that you can also choose from one of our public library by clicking on "Browse templates" and skip the following steps.

1/ Choose the right format

As usual, we have to choose a predefined format or to add custom dimensions for our template. For this tutorial, we will use the Instagram story (1080x1920) format. However, note that you can use different formats at the same time.

2/ Edit your video/animation

Add text, images, logo, CTAs and animate them you way you want! Choose and edit the animations you want to add (slide or fade), the length, the style,…

⚠️ Be careful to rename all your layers. It will be useful to keep it tidy for the next steps!

3/ Save & exit

Once you’re happy with your video, save and exit.

Step 2: Generate with Spreadsheet

You now have access to all the generation methods including our bulk video editor. For the sake of this tutorial, we will use the “Generate Videos/Gifs from a spreadsheet” generation method that allows you to generate videos in bulk super easily.

1/ Fill your data

Choose a task name and a filetype. Again, for this tutorial, we will only see the .mp4 format.Then, select a creation methods. Here, you can choose between several possibilities. Either you create a spreadsheet from scratch, or you import a spreadsheet from a csv file, an Airtable base or a Notion base.

2/ Create from scratch

We will choose the first option “Create from scratch”. In the spreadsheet, clic on “Add rows with default properties” to keep the properties previously added in your template or on “Add empty row” to redefine new properties (color, text, image,..).

Add as many rows as you need (1 row = 1 video).

example of rows in Abyssale Spreadsheet

3/ Generate

When everything looks good, clic on “Save & close” and then on “Save & Start generating”. You will be redirected back to the template overview. Scroll down to the “Batch generation tasks” to see your freshly generated banners!

Step 3: Export

The final step consists in exporting the videos you have generated. Clic on “View banners” and on the dots in the right corner of the video. Choose “Export” to automatically download the video into a .mp4 file. You can now post it as a story on Instagram! ✌️

batch generation task completed

Et voilà! 👏

That’s it! Thanks to our bulk video editor, you have generated various video variations super easily and under 15 minutes! The next step would be to automate this process in order to save even more time on your content creation tasks. If you wish to learn more about video automation, feel free to read our other tutorials!