Collaborate & Empower

Let non-designers generate images & videos through a form.

Turn any design template into an online form that people can use to generate their own assets. Just decide which layers are editable and send them the form link.

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Personalise content of images from inputs & download your generated visual
Scale Production

Anyone can create stunning images, in an instant

With Image Forms, everyone in your company can generate, amazing, on brand images for multiple applications.


Easily generate beautiful visuals for customer presentations or pitch decks.


Empower your customer success team to generate stunning, on-brand coupon codes on the fly.


Create beautiful welcome images for new employees, or images to promote a new job opening.


Autonomously generate images for social media or advertising from a designer made template.

Collaborate & Empower

1 Image form,
∞ applications !

Anyone in your team can easily create personalized coupons, gift cards, welcome posts, infographics or anything...

simplify image creation for yourself

Simplify image creation for yourself

Design a template for any use-case and create a form to be able to generate content variations of your template in seconds.

Share templates with your team

Image Forms can be accessed via a public link to allow anyone to generate images from your templates and never break your designs.

Share forms with your team

Embed your
forms anywhere

You can embed Abyssale’s Image Forms anywhere thanks to it’s powerful Iframe! Add image generation to your product in minutes.

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You or your design team creates a custom template for your need

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Create a form and send the link. Anyone in the world can access it, without an Abyssale account.

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Just fill up the form with your text or images, download your image and share it with the world !

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features you will love

Template editor

Every tools designers need to let their creativity run freely

Personalized images

Generate personalized images on the fly with simple URL parameters

+1000 Integrations

Use our Zapier, Make (Integromat) or Airtable integrations

Brand presets

Maintain brand design guidelines and save time with our complete brand presets

Team collaboration

You can comment, set statuses, approve or share templates and images

Content marketing spreadsheet

Create and manage your marketing content in our custom built spreadsheet

Abyssale Studio

Turn credits into custom templates

With Abyssale Studio, you can order custom templates, designed by our team, using your credits. A great alternative to design agencies

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