Would you set up a storefront in a mall where 2.89 billion people pass through each month? All while only paying your rent in proportion to the potential customers who are interested in your storefront. It's a very attractive offer, isn't it? That's exactly what Facebook Ads allows you to do.

Although Facebook ads have their limits, they still have a very interesting return on investment. However, as the competition is becoming more and more important, it is essential to respect certain methods in order not to waste your time and money. In this article, we will go back over how Facebook Ads works. Then, we will share with you some tips that will allow you to really make the difference with the tool.

You should know that the principles we will present to you are pretty much the same if you want to launch an advertising campaign with Instagram Ads. We will reserve an article for you on this subject.

What is Facebook Ads and why use it?

Before we launch into a "Facebook Ads best practices guide", let's put some context back.

So Facebook Ads is an advertising tool that allows you to capture the customer's attention at a time when they are most available for it. It gives you visibility to people who don't know you yet thanks to the diffusion of posts explicitly identifiable as advertising. It is therefore a soft and immersive advertising rather than an intrusive one and it makes the difference.

This solution offers several advantages. The first one concerns the budget. A few dozen euros per day are enough to launch a Facebook Ads campaign. Moreover, a feature allows you to respect your budget and to make sure you don't exceed a certain spending threshold.

Advertising on Facebook also allows you to target your audience by socio-demographic characteristics and interests. The live tracking of results allows you to make adjustments. This way you increase your conversion rate.

Easily define your target audience and budget

Abyssale's top tips for a Facebook Ads campaign

Now that you know the benefits of a Facebook Ads campaign, it's essential to implement the right strategies to get the most out of it. And that's good news! That's exactly what we have in store for you here.

This is not a tutorial, but rather tips on how to improve the effectiveness of your campaigns. If you have no idea how this is set up "technically" we invite you to follow the "first step" tab on the Facebook Business page.

Take care of the visual and textual hooks of your Facebook Ads

This seems logical, but we think it's important to remember. You can set up all the possible features, if your Facebook Ads don't attract your consumer's attention with its visuals and message, chances are your conversion rate will be disappointing.

To create your visuals, you will find pre-designed templates. If you master the art of ad design, you can also create your own visual from a blank page.

Abyssale public template section
You have access to a large choice of templates

Abyssale gives you the possibility to generate your visuals in a format adapted to Facebook advertising. You can even duplicate them for other networks such as Pinterest, Instagram or LinkedIn without worrying about the format. Abyssale takes care of the sizing in one click!

Use proven marketing methods

Don't reinvent the wheel in terms of marketing strategy on Facebook Ads. Use methods that have already been proven to work.

Among them is FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). It's about conveying a sense of urgency to your prospects by offering them an offer that will expire in a short time. For example: "30% off men's shoes until Friday". The buyer who doesn't want to miss this opportunity will buy right away.

example of a FOMO ad

What's more, Abyssale makes it easy for you to create visuals with the offer in a matter of minutes thanks to its automation system. Nevertheless, this feature really offers an advantage when you want to do hyper-personalized advertising. Let's take an example.

Imagine you have an e-commerce business. Sometimes customers add products to their cart without initiating payment and leave your site. In this case, Facebook Ads allows you to retarget these customers. Abyssale, on the other hand, automates the graphic creation to insert the products placed in the cart directly into the ad. Couple this with a message like "Out of stock soon" and you'll see that you'll get back a lot of money.

Target your customer base with Facebook Ads

Just before, we talked about retargeting customers who have already been to your website for your Facebook Ads campaigns. If your product is a consumable, we advise you to retarget your customer base as well. It is easier to convince a customer who knows your product than to go looking for new ones.

Facebook Ads allows you to do this from an email base. To increase your reach, you can also ask the tool to target the 2 or 3% of the audience that have the most in common with these customers. Chances are, some of them will also be tempted to try your product.

Use your competitors' audience

There's nothing nefarious about this. This data is freely available and you are not breaking any regulations. Moreover, here again, you increase your chances of finding profiles interested in your solution. The only condition to respect is that these competitors must have a high number of followers, i.e. several tens of thousands.

To do this, go to the advanced targeting section of Facebook Ads and type in the name of your competitors. For example, if you sell sports shoes, try Rei, Decathlon or Go Sport.

REI sponsored facebook ads

Quick aside. While we're on the subject of audience targeting, you should know that the Audience Insight tool makes it easy for you to set up your customer avatar by focusing on geographic area, age range or certain interests for example.

Control the repetition of your Facebook Ads

Repetition is a metric that tracks the number of times a prospect views your ad. If you exceed a certain threshold, you risk appearing as a spammer to your target. Your reputation could suffer.

The current trend is to limit these appearances to a maximum of 3 or 4 per day. This setting is possible from the advertising dashboard. It also concerns your retargeting campaigns. By doing so, you will maintain a good CTR (Click-through-rate).

Also, try to offer different ads every day. You can suggest the same product, but make sure that the message or offer changes for the same person. If a prospect doesn't respond to your first ad, the second one may make them more aware. Again, you'll need to vary the visuals. Abyssale will help you do that.

Our tool allows you to vary the visuals by playing with colors, fonts, CTA (call to action) design, backgrounds, images, etc. All this, in a simple and fast way. You will be able to generate mass visuals to increase your conversion rate

Send your leads to Messenger

At Abyssale, we're used to automation methods because we know the benefits they bring. You can also do this for your Facebook Ads campaigns. The tool allows you to redirect your leads to an automated conversation on Messenger. You can direct your questions to determine the preferences of your customers. This data is very valuable to set up new offers that work.

redirection facebook ads messenger

Test, test, test!

Last but not least, test, analyze, improve. There is no perfect answer to advertising with Facebook Ads. While you follow all of our tips, never stop testing and trying new things. It's essential to always stay on top of your game.

variations of a Nike facebook ad
Try different visuals, content, CTAs,...

Abyssale makes it easy for you to create visuals, sometimes time consuming, to multiply your attempts and identify the strategies that offer the best results.

Finally, advertising with Facebook Ads does not only require training to understand the different features of the tool. The strategies you put in place are just as essential and we've shared some of them with you here!

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