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Meet Abyssale, an online creative automation platform that reduces the time to design multi-format & multi-pages Print documents by 90%, and automatically generates every copy and style variation you need.

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Scale the creation of your Printable PDFs
Scale Print Production

Best-in-class print support in a creative automation tool.

Generates compliant PDFs ready for printing, to facilitate the production of print documents at scale. Covering color spaces like CMYK, RGB, …

Online design Editor with print options
Multi page & multi format PDFs

Multi-page documents

Add pages to your print document and choose which layers are shared and which are unique to each page.

CMYK colorspace fully supported

CMYK color space

The editor stores CMYK data of your imported TIFF images to maintain color consistency at export time. You can also add a custom color profile.

300 DPI Image Export

300 DPI

Every print PDF is set at native 300 DPI resolution. We store the original resolution of your imported assets to ensure optimal quality at export time.

Support of Bleed margin & Safe Area

Bleed margins & crop marks

Customize bleed margins and safe areas of your templates and preview them live. You can also include crop marks in your exported PDF.

Rulers & Guidelines are available for perfect positioning

Rulers & guides

Perfect for precise alignment and positioning, Rulers and Guides provide essential support for maintaining consistency and accuracy in your designs.

PDF X/4 Compliance

PDF/X-4 ready

Generate PDF/X-4 documents seamlessly. Optimized for high-quality print production. It supports advanced features like transparency and ICC color profiles, ensuring compatibility every step of the way.

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