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Auto-Generate videos for marketing

Start auto-generating dynamic videos for advertising, social media, outreach and more. Use our API or interface to generate videos from your templates!

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Design with the Abyssale template editor & auto generate your videos
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The perfect video ad maker for marketing!

Our video editor has been made specifically

to produce scroll stopping video ads with ease.

Abyssale template editor with the animation timeline
Create a template

Choose a dynamic video ad template from our gallery or design your own. Automate without scarificing creativity

Multiple formats

Add multiple formats to your video templates and edit them at once. Generate videos for multiple channels in a single operation.

Auto video generation

Generate thousands of video variations. Edit the content of any of your video elements (CTA, Text, Images, Price...)

∞ animation capabilities

Abyssale’s video editor is packed with every animation feature you need! Fade, scale, rotate, opacity, you name it!

Using Abyssale has helped streamline our work and productivity with ease and makes designing templates and banners so easy.”
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Content manager @Pubplus

Automate marketing video creation

Abyssale let’s you design a single video template and automate the production of it’s content variations!

Create → automate

Your content is all you need to generate videos

Generate videos for display avertising
Create videos for social media advertising
Social media advertising

Automate ad video creation for all you social advertising channels. Auto generate videos from your advertising content

Generate personalised videos for your outreach

Generate personalized videos for your outreach

What can you build

Design best in class video ads

Using Abyssale’s video ad maker, design stunning video ads and fight video ad fatigue by automating their content variations!

Let your creativity run freely and fight ad fatigue

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Intuitive timeline

Move your layers around with ease

Animate your way

Infinite keyframing options

Easy transitions

Pace your animation how you like it

Multi-format design

Apply your changes to all sizes, or not.

Make (ex Integromat) Picto
Zapier picto

Try out our
free video ad templates

We’ve designed, free, ready-to-use video ad templates to get you started in minutes! Pick and choose from our video template library or create your own.


The best video ads to start advertising your fashion products.


A perfect set of video ad templates to showcase your travel deals and discounts


Ready to go video animation templates for your SaaS display advertising campaigns


Advertise your electronics goods with our no-code video ad templates

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Abyssale academy

Learn more about automated video ads

Check-out our articles and tutorials to be guided through the world of automated video production.

Other design, productivity, and automation features you will love

Template editor

All the tools designers need to unleash their full creativity

Image form

Generate images from a simple form. Share it with your team or embed it


A powerful and intuitive spreadsheet to manage and edit your content


Integrate Abyssale with your favorite tools and apps for even more powerful creative automations.


Developers can use the REST API to auto-generate images on demand on your website.

Dynamic images

Personalized email marketing, dynamic OG images... generate personalized images using URL parameters.

Automate your video
production today

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