DtoC is dramatically changing the world of online business. Thanks to consumers increasingly adept with digital tools, some brands have decided to free themselves from online marketplaces to market themselves.

But advertising online as a DtoC brand imposes certain constraints. Marketers have to adapt to the sometimes smaller volumes of merchandise and the need to adjust prices in real time.

In this article, we present 5 examples of HTML5 ads from DtoC brands that have managed to stand out despite these constraints.


This American brand of travel luggage is renowned for the elegance of its products. It likes to communicate that travel is an art. And that requires good luggage.

In this HTML5 ad, we notice 2 interesting points:

  • The background color. Red is a daring color. But if it's used well, it's relevant, not least because it attracts users' attention.
  • The sentence ("A lifetime of luggage happiness awaits you"). Here, travel is associated with happiness. And AWAY offers luggage that will follow you for the rest of your traveling life.

2) Glossier

Glossier is very popular with millennials. It all started with a blog. Today, the brand is very Instagrammable and offers refreshing content.

The strength of this ad lies in its catchphrase, which touts novelty. A new makeup gesture. Then, the GIF animation helps bring to life a product that's nonetheless difficult to put into action.


This ready-to-wear brand is unique in that it is available exclusively online. Its other distinctive feature is its communication, which is often very simple and uncluttered, but no less effective.

In these HTML5 ads, we find EVERLANE's trademark: simplicity. Just one color tone and one model. For a brand that advocates transparency, it wins consumers' trust by removing all frills.


Warby Parker was dubbed "The Netflix of eyewear" when it was released in 2010. Its distinctive feature: it was the first brand to offer online eyewear sales. Warby Parker has made eyewear and sunglasses more accessible in the USA. Today, their reputation in the US is second to none.

When you have such a reputation, why say too much? As we often say at Abyssale, "a picture is worth a thousand words". So why not let consumers' imaginations run wild with this image that appeals to both men and women.


EQUINOX is a brand known for its provocative communications. And if so many athletes join these gyms, it's undoubtedly thanks to these very daring messages.

In this ad, we understand that when you join Equinox, it's more than just a gym you're joining. The message is clear: "EQUINOX will transform you!"You're going to push your limits.

Finally, you'll notice that in DtoC brands rely on a message rather than an offer for their HTML5 ads. Depending on the sector of activity and brand awareness, ads are more or less sophisticated. Above all, they are tailored to a specific audience, however small.

We hope these 5 examples of HTML5 ads DtoC will inspire you for your next campaign. Don't hesitate to contact us if you're in need of inspiration, the Abyssale team will be delighted to help.