My Job Glasses is the 1st professional meetings’ platform in Europe. Their mission is to give everyone the same opportunities to be fulfilled in their work by offering a solution for anyone looking for information on a job, a company, or a skill. They have brought together the largest community of active and committed professionals in Europe, and have enabled the creation of 500,000 youth/professional pairs.

Growing fast, the platform has been voted best EdTech 2020. With a 44% awareness among 18-30 year olds in France (Ipsos study - March 2022), and a strong societal impact, My Job Glasses is now considered a key player in the practice of professional networking.

The challenge of personalization

It’s through a very committed community, and more precisely thanks to word-of-mouth on social media, that My Job Glasses generates one-third of its organic acquisition.

“At My Job Glasses, we are lucky to have a community of volunteer professionals whose unconditional commitment is our greatest strength.”
Ines Dimassi, Growth Manager @My Job Glasses

The growth team decided to support this acquisition channel in order to increase the visibility of the brand at a lower cost by implementing a sponsorship campaign using UGC (User Generated Content). They first tried it on a sample of users and then on their entire database.

To scale this sponsorship campaign to their whole database, the team needed a tool to create personalized visuals with a lot of creative freedom while also having access to dynamic content.

Before using Abyssale

Before switching to Abyssale for their visual creation, My Job Glasses used Lemlist, an emailing tool, and designed the visuals inside. The team also had to import a CSV file to use dynamic content inside the email’s visual.

Using this tool had disadvantages:

  • First, the cleaning and import of the CSV file, which takes quite some time,
  • The fastidious design of a tool that was not made for visual creation,
  • The numerous tests needed because of the uncertainty of the results and of the quality,…

All these steps were time-consuming for the team and took a lot of effort to add personalized visuals to their email campaigns.

Gamification at scale

At My Job Glasses, Abyssale is used to gamify the users' experience on the platform by rewarding them with a personalized visual when they reach a milestone on the platform. At each milestone, users are encouraged to share their commitment on social media through a transactional email containing their personalized visual. This campaign meets a double objective of notoriety on social media and the acquisition of new users.

my job glasses banners abyssale

👉 Check out our quick tutorial on how to gamify your users' experience with images via email

Dynamic Image for custom visuals

Abyssale is now part of the tool stack used by the growth team:

1- First, the Graphic Designer creates the design.

2- The person from the growth team in charge of the visuals then integrates this design into Abyssale.

3- With the help of Dynamic Image, the team generates a visual and URL parameters associated to the elements they want to personalize. The elements selected create a variable inside the Dynamic Image URL.

4- This URL is then integrated into the different emails that are part of a complex emailing sequence built inside their CRM. Each URL variable is matched with the corresponding personal data.

The results for this campaign

The results speak for themselves:

my job glasses abyssale results

The results of this campaign allowed My Job Glasses to generate a growth loop, meaning members sharing their visuals on social media reinforce My Job Glasses’ notoriety and participate in the acquisition of new users!

"In addition to saving us time, Abyssale allowed us to lay the milestones of a gamification system for our users.”
Ines Dimassi, Growth Manager @My Job Glasses