Karos, a glocal company

As a MarketPlace established throughout France, Karos, the number 1 carpooling app is relying on a strong local marketing strategy. Each area of the French territory represents a micro marketplace in which Karos must be as relevant as possible. This strategy is based on 2 main components:

  • A Social Ads strategy at the national level adapted to each of France's largest cities
  • A network of local partners and ambassadors who require personalized communication kits
Karos targets a national marketplace divided into thousands of local marketplaces. Thus, the geolaction of our marketing campaign is a big challenge !

The challenge of producing geolocated visuals

This precisely targeted and highly personalized strategy allows Karos to send the most relevant messages possible to various targets spread across the country.

Whether it is through their social ads campaigns or the actions of their partners, their strategy is based on more than 20 visual formats distributed to tens of cities and partners (Display Banners, E-mailing campaigns, Communications kit, Social media visuals etc…).

Coupled with a continuous AB test, the monthly volume of visuals to be created became far too big for the Design team.

Before Abyssale, the creation of their visuals was organized as follows:


  • Content manager, Graphic designer, and Growth manager brainstorm, a brief is created

Production :

  • 20% of the allocated time: The Design team creates the template for each format
  • 80% of the time allocated: The Design team produces hundreds of variations for each template

The result? A Design team overbooked, too much room for human error, and incessant back and forth between teams. The demand was such that Karos was working on an innovative in-house solution to automate this process.

Creative automation as a solution

Over the course of their research, and considering the difficulty of the technical challenge, Karos decided to move towards an on-the-shelf external tool allowing them to automate their visual creation process.

Abyssale makes possible: The creation of a template and its variations in several formats with a single click. The automatic generation of thousands of variations for each format. The integration of this process into any workflow using our API.

Since they've been using Abyssale, their workflow breaks down as follows:

  • The initial design is created on Figma by the Graphic Designer
  • Once validated, the Content Manager creates a template in the Abyssale editor following copying the initial design
  • The different formats of the template are automatically generated and the related content is resized and rearranged in the Abyssal editor
  • The Growth manager creates a data feed and fills it with the Content manager (text, images, CTA etc.)
  • The Growth manager selects his export formats and generates his visuals for distribution in complete autonomy
Here is what Karos has created
What appealed to us was the gain in autonomy. If I decide tomorrow to launch a campaign in a new city, I can generate my visuals myself by simply adding new data to a template in 5 minutes. No need to go back and forth with the Design team.

The results after 4 months of usage

The implementation of this new workflow allowed huge gains in productivity for the entire team (Design, Content, and Marketing).

For the Design team:

  • Using Abyssale allows Karos to save a considerable amount of time producing multiple variations of a template.
  • Their time is, therefore, more devoted to creative tasks with real added value.
  • Each visual published is perfectly aligned with the brand thanks to the Abyssal auto-generation eliminating all human error.
The result of Karos using Abyssale

For the Growth and content team:

  • Abyssale avoids back and forths with the Design team to provide the marketing content necessary for the production of each variation of a template.
  • The time to publication is significantly reduced because they are no longer limited by the availability of the Design team
  • The general time savings allow them to expand their content geolocation strategy, their AB testing and gain in agility.

Today Karos is just scratching the surface using Abyssale. They are currently considering extending their use to other teams and other cases, in particular thanks to the functionality of Dynamic Image.