How Deindeal integrated product visuals 10x faster

Deindeal is a Swiss private sales website that only operates and sells in Switzerland. They offer products at highly discounted prices from major brands in the various domains: fashion, shoes, perfume, items for children,… On top of that, they also offer online sales for travel and local experiences as well as second hand luxury goods.

To keep their customers satisfied with the offers on the website, Deindeal is constantly renewing its product list and offers. With more than 120 000 SKUs (Stock Keeping Unit) on their platform, the team in charge of the selection and integration of the products online has a lot of work to do!

For 2023, the ambition is clear: double the size of the catalog which requires to integrate 2000 to 3000 new product references every day.

A very specific need

Around 2000 products are uploaded every day on the platform. For each one, 5 visuals are usually required to display all the features and aspects of the product. In total, this means that every day 10 000 images need to be uploaded for the integration of the products on the platform.

The initial product images are provided by the suppliers. However, they often do not correspond to the dimensions/guidelines needed and the team needs to resize them to be optimized for the website. This cropping task can be very time consuming!

The manual process

Before using Abyssale, Deindeal had to partially outsource the cropping and resizing of their product visuals. Their process looked like this:

  • The image catalog made by the supplier is sent to the graphic team
  • This team then resizes the images manually
  • After verification, the images are then integrated to the platform by their team

This process was very time consuming: almost a week for 5000 references!

When they started to work with Abyssale, the team mostly used the platform to generate visuals with the help of our Airtable integration. For Deindeal, scalability is key. As the platform grew, the number of visuals needed was huge and the integration with Airtable did not offer enough flexibility to render visuals in large quantities, in time. So, they reached out to us!

A custom solution

After a quick briefing, our tech team got to work and developed under a few days a custom solution built especially according to their needs. It essentially consists of a funnel made to simplify this resizing process for the Deindeal team.

Since they’ve been using Abyssale, their workflow breaks down as follow:

  1. Upload a CSV file with 7 columns: 2 columns filled some product information and 5 columns containing visuals that represent different angles of the product
  2. Launch the task. The resizing is done with the help of a simple blank 1000x1000 px template that corresponds to the dimensions needed on the platform
  3. Once the generation is done, click on a button to send a .zip file to a dedicated email address
  4. Download the file and use the visuals! Each visual is named according to a specific naming scheme that was defined by Deindeal for a better organization
abyssale generation methods
The custom Deindeal funnel
"With the use of this custom solution made by Abyssale, the process of integrating our products is now 10 times faster."
Arnaud Jolif, CMO @Deindeal

According to Deindeal’s specifications, the images’ size must be situated between 10 to 30kb, the maximum being 50kb. In this custom development, Abyssale not only resizes the images but also optimizes their compression so that they are always under the 50kb limit with the best image quality level.

The benefits of this custom solution

High volume, fast rendering

Now, for 5000 references, this process only takes a few minutes! There is no limit in terms of volume and since the process is almost fully automated, there is no need to go back and forth between the production and the graphic team.

deindeal abyssale results collaboration

Free up time

The implementation of a custom solution also represents huge gains in terms of productivity: the team can now focus on more value-adding tasks like the copywriting of the product descriptions for example.

Complete autonomy

The team in charge of the product integration on the platform is completely autonomous: the process doesn’t require any design knowledge or competences. Anyone can use it!

“Thanks to Abyssale, our team is completely autonomous and the resizing process is seamless and integrated to their day-to-day tasks.”
Allen Krief, CEO @Deindeal