If geotargeting is used by the best marketers, it's not by chance. It can significantly boost the ROI of your campaigns.

In this article, we'll look at all you need to know about geotargeting. We'll also talk about how to create personalized visuals for each geotargeted campaign without spending hours on it.

But first, let's go over a few basics...

What is geotargeting?

Geotargeting consists in targeting individuals according to the geographic zone in which they are located. This targeting can be based on a country, a zip code or a radius around a specific point. This practice is also known as "geographic targeting".

Why geotargeting?

Geotargeting allows you to personalize your advertising or e-mailing campaigns according to a target's geographic zone. This increases the relevance of the message in the eyes of the audience, and the chances of attracting their attention.

If you take your target's geolocation into account when creating a campaign, you strengthen your connection with them. Let's take an example.

Adapting to geographical situations

Imagine you want to launch a campaign to promote a new soft drink. You decide to flood the USA with ads extolling the refreshing virtues of your drink. Your campaign will probably have more impact in California than in Alaska, where temperatures are lower.

In this example, you'd have to find another argument for consumers located in Alaska to hope for better results. You could, for example, talk about its original taste for this target. In this case, you'll need geotargeting to determine your audience's geographic zone and adapt your message.

Using the right language

Not to mention different languages from one part of the world to another, there are also different regional jargons within the same country. If you pick up on this language, you'll create a stronger connection between your brand and consumers.

Better returns

Personalized campaigns offer the best returns. They tend to offer a higher conversion rate. With geotargeting, you can personalize your message according to the regional characteristics of your audience.

Geotargeting also allows you to invest time and money in a more targeted way. In this way, you can focus on the areas most likely to deliver results and optimize your marketing budget.

Better market analysis

By using geotargeting in your campaigns, you'll accumulate valuable data. The results you get as you launch campaigns will give you a better understanding of your market by geographic area.

How do you geotarget without increasing your workload?

The problem with this type of personalization is that it forces you to create as many different versions of your campaign as there are audience segments. This multiplies the workload.

Using AI to multiply text versions

Fortunately, to adapt the content of your message to different audience segments, you can now call on artificial intelligence. ChatGPT can help you do just that, saving you precious time. Read our tutorial "Generate hundreds of content variations in 5 minutes from a csv created by ChatGPT" to find out more.

In addition to textual content, visuals also need to be customized according to geographic area.

Multiply the versions of your visual creations with Abyssale

Abyssale lets you do this without increasing your workload. Karos succeeded in reducing the designer workload for a geotargeted campaign by 80%, thanks to Abyssale. Find out how in this article.

The automation of visual creation saved them precious time. What's more, thanks to Image Form, marketing teams gain autonomy and no longer need to call on designers to create a new visual. Once the template has been created by the design teams, a simple form can be used to create a new visual without even having to master the art of visual creation.

If you decide to launch emailing campaigns or newsletters, Dynamic image lets you personalize your visuals based on your audience's data. In other words, you can personalize your visuals without having to segment your audience in advance.

Finally, geotargeting is a real asset for improving the ROI of your marketing campaigns. However, it can increase the workload in proportion to the number of segments you create. For the visual part of your campaigns, Abyssale enables you to multiply creations in total automation, reducing your workload by 80%.