As a marketer, when you empower customers, you are really adding value to them. In terms of visual creation, the challenge is to allow anyone without design skills to create good visuals.

In another article, we explain why and how to empower your clients. It's all about using Image Form. This tutorial aims to explain you step by step how to set up this organization on a technical level. It is a very simple maneuver to set up.

Create or choose a template

First of all, go to your Abyssale dashboard and create a template from scratch. Choose the different formats you want to generate.

Structure your template as you wish with images, texts, logo, etc. Make sure to name each element.

View from the Template Builder

For example, let's say your template is a real estate ad that your client wants to be able to modify as he wishes without compromising his graphic charter. In this case, your template will probably have :

  • An image
  • A title
  • A logo
  • A price
  • A short description text

Once you are happy with the template, click Save and exit.

Opt for the Image Form

Now that your template is ready, you still need to create the generation form.

To do this, on the "Image Form" line, click Create a new form. Name it and select the elements you want to make modifiable.

In our example, we select the image, the title of the ad, the price and the short description. As the ad is for a single real estate agency, we do not select the logo.

Click on Create form.

Your form is ready.

Share your Form

You're back to the template overview. Scroll down to see all your active Forms. You should see the form we previously created. All you have to do now is copy the form URL and share it with your customers.

When they click on it, they'll access the form and be able to edit each of the items you've allowed editing for, without even having an Abyssale account. Thus, they will be totally autonomous to generate their own visuals.

You can modify the template at any time. However, if you remove or add elements, be sure to also modify the form from Image Form.

Now you know how to give more autonomy to your customers while freeing up more time for your design teams. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know.

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