Marketing automation has revolutionized Marketing, there is no doubt about that. Genius marketing strategies that previously seemed out of reach because very time consuming or expensive are now a easy to implement. Marketing automation tools like Zapier or Make have made possible to interconnect your entire marketing tool-stack and automate almost every imaginable marketing workflow.

Automating your marketing means being able to do more with the same human ressources and unlock an unprecedented level of productivity. You'll be able to focus on creating and optimizing more creative marketing strategies and less time actually executing them by hand.

However, one thing remains manual: creating genius marketing automations and setting them up! That's why, as marketing automation experts here at Abyssale, we've decided to inspire you to start setting up your own genius marketing automation workflows using Make. Outreach, social media automation, e-commerce strategies and much more are on the menu of our top 8 genius marketing automations. We’ll even go as far as giving away our free marketing automation template for each workflow! Before getting started, if you don’t know how to add an automation template to your Make account, follow this tutorial 😉 Let's get started!

Automate new Pinterest pins when adding products to your online store

When trying to develop a strong online brand for a consumer goods e-commerce, an effective Pinterest strategy is almost REQUIRED. With 29.1% of its user base being in the 25-34 age group and 85% of them saying they use Pinterest to plan future projects, Pinterest’s audience represent an excellent growth opportunity. As a brand posting on Pinterest, you’re sure to meet and audience who is actively looking to buy products you’re brand are offering.

automated pinterest pins

However, Pinterest being a purely visual social media, posting content daily on your company’s profile can be extremely time consuming… Creating the visuals, writing your descriptions, adding your product links… If not automated, these task require a full time team member to be executed.

That’s where our genius marketing automation workflow comes in! If you’re using Shopify or any other e-commerce CMS, you’ll be able to auto post new Pinterest Pins with a beautiful visual whenever you add a new product to your shop! To put our amazing marketing automation workflow into place, just follow this tutorial and download this Make template.

Add personalized and clickable images to your Linkedin cold messages

Automated outreach has become an integrant part of every company’s marketing and sales strategies. This is even most of the time the first thing a company will start to try and automate as it is obviously quite impossible to scale this activity while doing it manually…

However, where company often fall short, it’s on the personalization of their outreach messages! One way to set yourself appart from the crowd is by using the genius marketing automation of sending personalized and clickable images in your Linkedin cold messages!

clickable images

Thanks to PhantomBuster, Make and Abyssale we’ve got the entire marketing automation workflow covered. From the data scrapping, to the creation of the personalized images to the automation of your workflow. Just follow this tutorial and download this scenario to become the genius of Linkedin outreach!

Automatically tweet an image when you go live on Twitch

Live streaming is one of the hottest way to engage with your audience at the moment! If you’re a SaaS company for example, you should definitely consider adding it to your Marketing Strategy. Think of it, it’s the best way to demonstrate new features, run Q&As or even do marketing automation webinars

One great way to kickstart your channel is by automating the sharing of your livestreams on all your other social media channels! And the most fitting is obviously twitter.

auto twitch tweet

With this genius marketing automation workflows, you’ll be able to automatically tweet a beautiful image containing a screenshot of your livestream and tweet with the link to your Twitch channel whenever you go live. Read this tutorial and follow this scenario to try out this genius marketing automation!

Automate social media content creation with Notion and Buffer

If you’re a diehard Notion user, you know how powerful it can be to boost your productivity and automating your marketing! With it’s templates, multiple data base views and formatting options, it’s the perfect tool to create, visualize and manage your marketing strategy.

Noiton social media automation

I’m sure you’ve already dabbled with Notion marketing automations and maybe even with social media ones. Imagine a world where you could create your content, your visuals, and schedule your social media posts all inside the same Notion Database 🤯

Well thanks to one of our most powerful and genius marketing automations to date, this world is a reality! You’ll be able to increase your social media posting tenfold. Once you’ve followed this tutorial and uploaded this free marketing automation template to your Make account, all that will be left to do is write, write, write

How to use Airtable to automate social media content creation

After Notion, Airtable automations are also very popular among marketers. Airtable and its multiple integrations, flexibility and powerful data visualisation features make it a great tool to organize your marketing content, therefore, automate it!

However, one part of your marketing workflow remains quite difficult to automate, the image creation part! But don’t worry, Abyssale’s got you covered. With its powerful image generation engine, you can automate the generation of images from any tool through Zapier or Integromat.

airtable social media automation

Think of it, wouldn’t it be a genius marketing automation to be able to write your social media content in Airtable, generate your images automatically and then schedule them to your social media accounts? Well, with this social media automation template and this tutorial, it is possible!

Automatically create images from Google Sheets with Integromat and Abyssale

Have you already dreamt of being able to create images automatically from your marketing content? Like any marketer, I’m sure your used to creating and organizing your marketing content in Excel or Google Sheets. When preparing your content for multiple digital advertising campaigns, social media posts or newsletter, a Google Sheet file is very useful te be able to create a .csv and upload it to your advertising or social media scheduling tools.

generate images from google sheets

If you are familiar with this marketing automation workflow, I have great news for you! With Abyssale and Make, you can automatically generate images for you online marketing campaigns directly from your Google Sheet data! Long gone are the long ours creating your visuals by hand or waiting for your design team.

With this genius marketing automation tutorial and our free automation template, scaling your visual marketing for any campaign will be a breeze.

Auto generate social media images from new Shopify products and post them

Let’s say your a Drop-shipper or run an e-commerce shop, wouldn’t it be awesome to completely automate your social media activities? Being able to automatically post on social media when you add or update a product on your store?

auto shopify instagram

Well, with the power of marketing automation, such a thing is now possible! You can create a template on Abyssale to suit your brand identity and the leverage the content already created for your product pages to automatically build social media content and schedule it.

By following this Make tutorial and uploading our free scenario template to your Make account, setting it up for your store will only be a matter of minutes. Let’s get to it 😉

This is it! With this list of 7 genius marketing automations and their free templates, you’ll have everything you need to start automating your marketing with Make!