Summer is coming! The weather is quite nice here in Paris and there's one thing that we're quite excited about: the release of  Abyssale version 1.10 - Melon edition! 🍈

What's new:

We've been quite overwhelmed since our latest "official" changelog. A lot of changes are currently happening @Abyssale, and we can't wait to tell your more about it!

Our focus for this v1.10 was mainly around improving the Abyssale template builder and adding new generation features to the platform.

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Abyssale template builder v2

Creating templates on Abyssale should be intuitive! This is why we've deployed a huge UI (User Interface) redesign that will allow us to push even more great features in a near future!

Template builder v2
Template builder v2

This new builder should help our users with little design skills to start creating great templates right away! We did not forget our fellow pro-designers with the addition of more "traditional" design features as well 😉

So, what's actually new?

New text-decorations options

Underline, line-through, mixed colors, mixed font-weight, ... You're now able to select one part of your text content, and apply a specific decorations to a couple of words. These text decorations options are available via API and the Abyssale Feed as well 😎

Abyssale Template Builder - Text decoration options
Abyssale Template Builder - Text decoration options

New layer hiding options

You can now hide specific layers on specific formats! This allows you to create even more specific format variations within the same template, without having the headache of fitting every single layers on all dimensions.

This option is pretty useful if you're looking to create banners on very different format dimensions and have to include different types of content that would be available on only one format instead of others.

Abyssale Template Builder - Layer hiding option
Abyssale Template Builder - Layer hiding option

New font manager

You can now preview fonts before selecting one of them.

Abyssale Template Builder - Font Manager
Abyssale Template Builder - Font Manager

New shadow features

You can now add shadows to texts, shapes, images, buttons, ...

Abyssale Template Builder - Shadow features
Abyssale Template Builder - Shadow features

New Multiple layers options

You can now select & move multiple layers at the same time!

Abyssale Template Builder - Multiple Layer Options
Abyssale Template Builder - Multiple Layer Options

New Shortcuts

For all the power-user out there, we've added new shortcuts to the builder such as:

  • Copy/Paste (⌘cmd or ctrl + c/v)
  • Duplicate (⌘cmd or ctrl + d)
  • Select multiple layers (Shift + left click)
  • Move the current "artboard" (Hold Space + drag left click)
  • Delete (Backspace).

And more...

New zooming options, a handy little move button, new template settings preferences, ...

Abyssale Dynamic Image

Generating images from a template is a neat feature, but sometime you'd like to dynamically update a banner content without using the Abyssale API.

This is why we've added the ability to generate dynamic & personalized marketing images/banners using simple URL parameters.

This new feature allows you to update your banner content in real time by updating the image URL parameters. It can be used in many ways including:

  • Sending personalized images to each recipients of your next emailing campaign by pulling datas from your contact lists.
  • Generating banners that can contain real-time data (ie: weather forecast, stock price variations, and many more...)
  • Dynamically generating OpenGraphs images for all your website pages
  • And many more use-cases we'd love to hear about!!
Abyssale Dynamic Images - Content variations
Abyssale Dynamic Images - Content variations

You can check our first tutorial for this new feature in our blog:

How to create a unique welcome email using Abyssale "Dynamic image" & Sendinblue
Create a personalized welcome email using dynamic image and sendinblue

Read the article

Other improvements, changes & fixes:

We've also published a couple of fixes improving the overall experience of the platform including:

Pricing update

We've updated Abyssale's pricing to reflect our new offering. As you may not know, a "legacy" system allows our early-users to keep their "old plans" without having to update their account to the new pricing options. You can see this in your account settings.

We've also added an annual subscription option, allowing our users to get 20% off their annual plans. You can check Abyssale's new plans on our pricing page.

Abyssale Feed

  • .webp images are now supported
  • Images upload:  Max filesize = 5mo (vs 3mo)
  • New statuses notifications added for file rejection
  • Uploaded images are now automatically compressed

Abyssale API

  • .webp images are now supported
  • Abyssale engine enhanced rendering speed (x3 on average)
  • Non-latin character support (Russian, Chinese, Greek, Japanese, Korean, ...)
  • And more... All new changes to the API are visible on Abyssale dev portal

If you encounter any bump on the road please let us know!
Every single feedback greatly help us improve the platform quality and provide you with the best experience possible.

As always, if you have any questions or feedback you can reach us on the following networks: