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Frequently asked questions

How to use the conference badge generator

The conference badge generator allows to create conference name badges easily and for free. Our tool helps you design your conference badges and display the information you need in the format you want. Everything is customizable, from the font to the background color.

You can also choose from our conference badges templates for a quicker method. However, you will only be able to replace the text and to add a picture in our templates.

How to download my conference name badge?

Once every information is added to your conference badge (name and surname, picture, logo of the company, position, QR code,…) and the design is done, click on the “download” button to download your PDF file. We advise you to group all your PDF files with a tool such as Smallpdf and to rename them for a better organization. Now that your files are saved and ready, print them out!

How to add a QR code to my conference badge?

In our conference name badge generator, a QR code is already available.
In case you are preparing for an event with multiple guests, we advise you to create a new conference badge for each guest with a QR code containing all the necessary information about this attendee. You only need to add a link to the QR code field to be able to scan people in. QR codes are a way to improve the organization of your event and to ensure security for your guests but can also be used for lead generation. You just have to replace the link with any website or form.

What is the size of a conference badge?

When it comes to the format, there are two standard sizes for conference badges: 14,8 x 21 cm (A5) and 10.5 x 14.85 cm (A6). However, you can still do it any size you prefer but it will be easier to have a standard size if you want plastic holders and lanyards for your conference badges.

In case you chose one of our conference badges templates, you can also easily change the format by clicking on the predefined formats like A5 and A6 or choose your own dimensions. Make sure that your conference badge will be readable from a short distance (at least 4 meters).

How to make conference badges?

Abyssale provides a free tool for everyone to access and use. Thanks to our conference badge generator, you can design your conference badges, add the information you need and download the final version in a PDF file. Templates are also available if you do not wish to start from scratch. It is an easier and quicker way to create efficient and striking conference name badges.

What can I use the conference badge generator for?

Apart from generating conference name badges for professional events, our conference badge generator was made to fit your expectations and to enable you to create amazing designs for multiple purposes. For example:

- backstage or VIP passes for concerts
- personalized wedding invitations
- cards with seat numbers and food preferences
- postcards
- …

How to organize conference badges

Good conference badges will help create networking opportunities for your attendees and serve as ice-breakers. It is important to provide optimum conditions by following some basic rules to facilitate those connections. These are our recommandations in order to create the perfect conference name badges:

1- The conference badge should display the name and surname as the main information.
2- The company and position of the person attending the event should go under the name and surname.
3- Logo of the event and/or of the company should be placed at the top or at the bottom of the badge.
4- Add a picture of the attendee for a more personalized conference badge.
5- A QR code will make it easier and more secure for the organization of the event.

Tips: When it comes to conference name badges, ensure that your badges are readable at a glance. Go for a simple, sans-serif font and put names and surnames in bold to stand out. Logos and name of the event should remain small as they are not the most important information.

How to print my conference badges

The conference badge generator creates PDF files whcih means you can print your iamges wihtout any worry. When you are happy with the design of your conference badges, you can download your badge. The conference badge generator will create a PDF file by default. If you created more than one conference name badges, we recommend you to rename your files for organization purposes. You should also use a tool such as Smallpdf to combine multiple PDFs into one unified document. Then, print everything and you are now ready for your event!

Conference name badge examples

Here are some examples of conference badges templates we designed. You can choose one, modify the text and add a picture to make it more personalized.

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