Remove 90% of back and forth with stakeholders

Abyssale’s creative validation platform integrates a role-based approval process into the same tool used to produce your marketing campaigns.

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Stakeholders collaborate with Abyssale
Template preview

Share a preview of your template with anyone, anytime. With password protection.

Stop exporting files and sending out a new email every time you make a change. Simply share a link to let others preview what you’re working on.Always up-to-date with your latest changes.

Invite new members to Abyssale to validate your visuals
approval process

Streamline your creative approval process. Without leaving the design tool.

Mark your templates as “needs review” to automatically invite clients and stakeholders to validate your work. You can see their feedback right inside the design tool and make changes instantly until they approve.

Approval process with status on generated visuals
Validate generated banners

Get approval on generated banners. Make last-minute fixes as needed.

Ask clients & stakeholders to review any generated banner. If they spot an issue with an individual asset, you can fix it manually without having to regenerate everything.

New comment on a generated visual
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« Abyssale is by far the most comprehensive solution, especially with a well-crafted and intuitive interface that makes it easy to use without compromising on features. A big plus is the highly responsive team and the tool's continuous improvement.. »
Emmanuel Lepage

Emmanuel Lepage • Head of Growth

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