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Abyssale’s native multi-format editor boosts the productivity of every designer.

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abyssale template editor

Native multi-format design.
From a familiar interface.

Our editor is built around multi-format campaigns first, through synchronized layers and intelligent auto-resizing. But it uses a similar UI to Photoshop and Figma so you won’t need to learn anything new.

Our multi-format design editor
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Synchronised layers

Synchronized layers

Every layer lives in all formats at once. Update once, and see changes apply everywhere instantly.

Auto multi-formats

Create your base format once, then let Abyssale intelligently position layers for every new format automatically.

Independent format adjustment

Edit, hide, or disable specific layers inside each format. To adapt your design to each marketing channel perfectly.

Intelligent text-resizing

Control the boundaries within which text can upscale/downscale depending on the content to display.

And everything you expect from a modern design tool:

Custom formats

Add any size format to auto-generate images for any canvas

Custom fonts

Use any font you want, serif, sans serif, cursive, you name it!

Google fonts

Get the entire Google font library already pre-loaded inside the editor


An image layer pre-loaded with your brand preset logo


Design beautiful user reviews with our customizable rating component


Add emotions to your designs our Twemoji library integration

Images / Pictures

Upload images in any format and set them to cover or fit your image layer

Text background

Define your color, padding, and offset to your text background


Add beautiful gradients to your design. Available on every layers.


Custom CTA layer with radius, padding, and text alignment settings

Text skew

Lean on the creative side with our precise text skew setting


Add homemade, royalty-free patterns to your shapes.


Add and customize shapes to your designs


Add depth to your design with control on shadows (X, Y, Blur, ...)

Unsplash library

Built-in access to a library of over 3.48 million royalty-free photos


Mask your images with any shape or form to make them fit your designs

Picture filters

Bring some fun to your designs with a selection of color shifting filters


Make your texts or buttons pop by adding an overlay to any image

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Instantly turn static templates into videos. No need to learn another tool.

Our video editor has the exact same UI as our image editor, it just adds a timeline. Animate layers across all formats seamlessly, then export to adserver-compliant GIF / MP4 / HTML5 files automatically.

Automate the generation of your marketing videos
Template editor with animations

Transition & easing presets

Animate layers using a predefined transition like fade, slide, or scale and easing like circ, elastic, sine, and more.

All formats for you social visuals

Sync animation across formats

Every animation is replicated across all formats automatically. So you only need to set your keyframes once.

Timeline with animations

Precise timing

Create complex animation sequences between layers, to the 1/10th of a second. With as many keyframes as you need.


Generate print-ready documents as fast as digital ones. Compliant with professional settings.

Enable print mode in our editor to add support for multi-page, in/cm units, and CMYK color space. Automatically exports to 300DPI, PDF/X-4 compliant documents with crop marks and custom color profiles.

Automate the generation of your PDF documents
Online design Editor with print options
Multi page & multi format PDFs

Multi-page documents

Add pages to your print document and choose which layers are shared and which are unique to each page.

CMYK colorspace fully supported

CMYK color space

The editor stores CMYK data of your imported TIFF images to maintain color consistency at export time. You can also add a custom color profile.

300 DPI Image Export

300 DPI

Every print PDF is set at native 300 DPI resolution. We store the original resolution of your imported assets to ensure optimal quality at export time.

Support of Bleed margin & Safe Area

Bleed margins & crop marks

Customize bleed margins and safe areas of your templates and preview them live. You can also include crop marks in your exported PDF.


Guarantee brand consistency across campaigns. For as many brands as you need.

Let designers set the default styling value for every brand you work with, from colors to button styling to custom logos and fonts. Then let your whole team use it for any template they want to work on.

Brand preset applied on a visual

Import your PSDs into Abyssale. Keep text layers editable.

Install our free Photoshop plugin to import your existing design files. It preserves visual fidelity by flattening complex layers but keeps text layers dynamic, so you can change generate copy variations without additional work.

Install our photoshop import plugin
Export your PSDs to Abyssale
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