We are excited to release Abyssale version 1.8 - Lemon edition! 🍋

What's new:

Easy peasy Lemon Squeezy and a Happy new year!

Based on multiple feedback from our users, our focus for this release has mainly revolved on adding integrations to the platform. These integrations will allow you to setup automated workflows using your favorite tools.

Without further ado let's jump into this v1.8 changelog!

Airtable App

Scaling your creative production is time-consuming. Our mission is to give you access to a wide range of tools to change that!

Thanks to the Abyssale's Airtable application, these tedious and repetitive tasks are now... a piece of cake 🍰!

Abyssale's Airtable app
Abyssale's Airtable app

How does it work?

  • Create and fill your Airtable records
  • Install & setup the Abyssale Airtable app
  • Automatically generate images from your Airtable records

To get you started we've created a tutorial to setup your Airtable <> Abyssale automation workflow. Check it out:

How to auto-generate images in bulk using Airtable

Learn how to generate countless personalized images variations from your Airtable records using Abyssale’s application.
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WordPress plugin

One of the most common techniques for modern marketers to engage with their audience is to produce interesting blog posts. However, you'll be asking yourself again and again:

  • "Which featured image I'm gonna use this time?"
  • "I spent too much time on this article, I don't have time to ALSO create a WordPress featured image 😅"

As you know a picture is worth a thousand words!
This is why we've created a simple WordPress app allowing you to generate a new, fresh, and on-topic featured image every time you create a new blog post!

Abyssale's Wordpress plugin
Abyssale's Wordpress plugin

How does it work?

  • Install & setup the Abyssale WordPress plugin
  • Create a new blog post
  • Generate a featured image based on a template

To get you started we've created a tutorial to setup your WordPress <> Abyssale automation workflow. Check it out:

How to auto-generate images in bulk with Abyssale
Learn how to generate countless images in bulk from your Airtable records using Abyssale

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Zapier + Integromat + new webhooks

Last November we've added Zapier to the list of Abyssale integrations. Today, we're inviting Integromat to the party 🥳!

Abyssale's Wordpress plugin
Workflow example using Zapier

What is Zapier and/or Integromat?

These two platforms allow you to easily create hands-free automated workflows without writing a single line of code! #nocode

What can I do with these?

Connect your data and generate thousands of eye-catching images, in minutes, directly in your favorite tools. To get started we prepared pre-built templates for you to choose from, or you can build your own with our template editor.

What about the new webhooks?

We've also added a new webhook to Zapier & Integromat.

  • Detect new created banners & instantly publish them to your favorite tool

You can learn more about Zapier workflows on our website.

We've created our first Zapier tutorial that shows exactly how to automatically generate banners from Typeform entries using Zapier. Check it out:

How to generate coupons from Typeform entries with Zapier & Abyssale

Learn how to generate personalized images from incoming Typeform entries with Abyssale and Zapier

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Create templates from auto-generated banners

We've added the ability to create templates from banners auto-generated by Abyssale. This new feature has great potential and will evolve in the upcoming months.

create template from auto generated

This feature is in Alpha (early stage development) and is a first step towards unifying our multiple core features (auto-generation, creative automation, template builder...)  in one simple and streamlined experience.

Community feedback and interactions

As you may have noticed over the past year we've been experimenting with numerous solutions to keep you up-to-date on platform changes. We’re making some small changes to this:

  • Changelogs (HODL)
    As you can see, we're keeping the changelogs 🤖😎
  • Roadmap portal (DROPPED)
    This section had many flaws which is why we've decided to entirely remove this section.
  • Facebook group (NEW)
    We've created a Facebook community! We want to get to know you better and be able to share updates more frequently. JOIN HERE

Other improvements & fixes:

In December we've also pushed a couple of fixes to improve the user experience of the platform including:

  • Improved API stability.
  • Support for background colors changes on API calls.
  • We've fixed a bunch of timeouts issues.
  • Your company name can be updated by admins or company owner.
  • We've fixed auto-generation issues on for Microsoft Edge browser.

If you encounter issues please reach out to us directly!
This will greatly help us improve the service and provide you the best experience possible.

As always, if you have any question or feedback, you can reach us on the following networks: