In marketing, nothing is set in stone. Everything is evolving extremely fast and since the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) tools, the meters seem to have gone wild. New digital marketing tools open up new opportunities.

For marketing professionals, the challenge is no longer to find yet another tool to improve their performance, but to avoid drowning in the mass of available solutions. And since we at Abyssale are particularly fond of time-saving and efficiency-enhancing solutions, we decided to focus on Chrome extensions. These little programs enrich your web browser (Google Chrome) with new features.

So in this article, we're going to share with you the 22 best Chrome extensions to do marketing in 2023, in our opinion. From social media management, to content creation to traffic analysis, it's the whole gamut to improve your marketing performance that awaits you.

The best Chrome extensions for content creation

Content creation is at the center of all marketing professionals' concerns. So we decided to bring you the best Chrome extensions for creating relevant content.


chrome extension UberSuggest

To avoid creating content in the wind, Neil Patel's extension will be of great help. It will allow you to determine the relevant keywords to insert in your blog posts to promote organic SEO.

UberSuggest allows you to determine the number of searches made by Google users on certain keywords and even suggests alternatives. You also get an analysis of the competition. Very useful to avoid positioning on already saturated keywords.

ChatGPT for Google

chrome extension ChatGPT for Google

This extension allows you to display what ChatGPT would offer every time you do a search on Google. ChatGPT for Google can be very useful to supplement your searches when you want to create new content.

TextCortex Assistant

chrome extension TextCortex Assistant

Again, you are offered a tool that uses artificial intelligence. It comes to your aid when you struggle to find an attractive turn of phrase.

TextCortex Assistant thus helps you paraphrase or expand your sentences. You can even ask him to develop a paragraph from a simple title. You are dealing with a great friend of GPT Chat to create relevant content in minutes.

Merci App

chrome extension MerciApp

Who can boast 100% mastery of the grammatical and spelling rules we need to watch out for when writing?

To avoid agreement mistakes, typos or other small writing errors, MerciApp is simply the best Chrome extension out there. It even allows you to find synonyms in one click to avoid repetitions in your texts.

⚠️ This chrome extension is only available in French

GIPHY for Chrome

Chrome extension GIPHY

GIFs lighten the mood and everyone likes them, as long as you use them sparingly.

Thanks to GIPHY, you have a large library of GIFs to illustrate your words with a touch of humor. Because in 2023, we don't plan to stop laughing...


chrome extension ColorZilla

As you've been wandering around the web, you may have already come across a color palette that inspires you. Before ColorZilla, retrieving the color codes looked like a real obstacle course.

This extension saves you a lot of time, because with a single click you can get the color code and paste it anywhere.


We can already see you coming: "Abyssale, is not a Google Chrome extension". True! But, in terms of visual content creation, there is no extension that allows you to generate images in automation like Abyssale.

Considering the time saved and the quality of the generated visuals, it's worth automating some tasks with Zapier or Make. Don't you think?

The best Chrome extensions for managing social media

Creating content is good! Still, you need to be able to distribute it and adapt it to different channels. We have gathered for you the most useful Chrome extensions to manage social networks.


chrome extension Buffer

This Chrome extension will totally change the way you think about sharing content on social networks.

Buffer allows you to post to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Linkedin in one click.

The principle is simple. You come across an article or content that is interesting to your community. Thanks to Buffer, you can create a post to share it directly or plan a publication on the network of your choice. All without leaving the website in question.

Rite Boost

chrome extension Rite Boost

This Chrome extension is compatible with Buffer mentioned above or some social networks. RiteBoost allows you to optimize the performance of your posts by enriching them with hashtags, emojis, GIFs or CTAs with one click.

You'll also have access to important statistics like retweets, click-through rates or impressions of your post.


chrome extension VidlQ

VidIQ is mainly for YouTubers. The extension facilitates the SEO of your YouTube videos by suggesting keywords for your titles or descriptions.

You will also have more advanced analyses than those offered by YouTube Analytics. You will be able to compare the ranking of your videos with the best on the platform.

Perfect Post

chrome extension perfectpost

The best content creators on Linkedin use this Chrome extension. Perfect Post allows you to optimize your posts on the professional network by assisting you on the choice of hashtags, the number of people tagged, emojis on each of your posts.

An option even allows you to adapt your taglines depending on whether your post is read from a mobile or a computer. Ideal for increasing engagement! Provided your teaser is well crafted enough for your audience to decide to click on "see more".


chrome extension INSSIST

Instagram has no limits with INSSIST. This Chrome extension allows you to use all the features of Instagram from the comfort of your computer.

You can publish or schedule the publication of reels, video, photos or any content as if you were doing it from your mobile. The tool offers other features that will help you push the sliders on Instagram.

The best Chrome extensions for data collection

Data has never been as valuable as it is right now. They are a true ally for content personalization and thus community engagement. So we offer you the Chrome essentials to manage them.


chrome extension PhantomBuster

Growth Hackers are particularly fond of this Chrome extension. PhantomBuster offers the possibility to retrieve most of the data from the websites you visit without changing page.

This tool allows you to retrieve very valuable data from your prospects. You can then manage your lead generation campaigns from the PhantomBuster platform.


chrome extension FindThatLead

You will be able to get anyone's email by just knowing their name and the company they work for. FindThatLead allows you to search for a prospect on Linkedin or a website, check their email and send them a message directly without having to leave your browser.

A great tool to target your prospects and build email campaigns that convert.

Hubspot Sales

Data collection is only effective if it's accompanied by relevant storage and relationship tracking. With Hubspot Sales, one click is all it takes to see all the information you have about a prospect or customer.

You'll also have access to the history of your interactions with that person directly from your Gmail account.

Best Chrome extensions for analytics

To improve your marketing campaigns, you need to be able to measure and analyze to identify areas of improvement. Also, if you analyze the competition, you will identify practices that work in your market. Here are some Chrome Extensions that can help you with this.

Page Analytics (by Google)

chrome extension Page Analytics

The value of this Chrome extension is invaluable. From Page Analytics, you can analyze the browsing of your website visitors.

Without leaving your browser, you have an overview to understand where your users are clicking and where they are not lingering. You even have access to an analysis of page views, bounce rate, time spent on each page, etc.

This is essential if you want to make your website navigation smoother.


chrome extension MOZbar

SEO experts will tell you: MOZbar it is THE tool for a good SEO analysis of your website or that of your competitors. It allows you to quickly evaluate the authority of a page or a domain.

If you want to identify the keywords on which you should rank in priority or if you are looking for relevant backlinks, this Chrome extension is indispensable.


chrome extension SimilarWeb

In terms of competitive analysis, you'll be hard pressed to find better than SimilarWeb. We're talking about an extension that gives you information regarding SEO ranking, traffic, keywords and other statistics about competing websites.

Where the tool stands out is that it offers you data about unique visitors as well as their level of engagement on the analyzed website.

The best Chrome extensions to improve performance

There are countless Chrome extensions aimed at boosting performance. We decided to gather some of them to help you measure or improve your performance.


chrome extension Toggl

No matter what business you're in, your time is your greatest resource. With the Toggl extension, you'll be able to track the time it takes to complete a task. This allows you to better plan workdays and establish a return on investment in terms of time on each task performed.


chrome extension Better-onetab

Who works in an orderly manner, works efficiently. Except that on Chrome, you can quickly get lost among the dozens of tabs.

To find your way through all your tabs and maximize your attention, Better-onetab will be your best ally.


chrome extension lastpass

We use a thousand and one different applications in our personal and professional lives. These are all passwords to remember. Unless you use the same password every time, and thus take big risks, it is almost impossible to remember each one of them.

LastPass saves your passwords on your browser securely and saves you from wasting precious minutes with the famous "forgotten password".

Extension Manager

chrome extension manager

Do you know the story of the sprinkler being sprinkled? Extension Manager prevents you from finding yourself in the same situation.

This tool allows you to manage all Chrome extensions which, if you accumulate them, can slow down your browser. Thus, a simple click is enough to activate/deactivate the applications, or even to delete them if they are no longer useful.

Now that you know the best Chrome extensions for marketing in 2023, all that's left is to install the ones that will serve you well. Whether it's creating content, posting to social networks or scraping data, there's a Chrome extension to help you do it. We hope this list helps you achieve your marketing goals in 2023.