10x your asset production speed with advanced automation.

Our creative automation platform saves designers 90% of their time, gives marketers autonomy to perform, and enables the whole team to launch more campaigns, faster.

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Is your agency unable to handle all the work?

  • Designers are buried under a pile of soul-sucking tasks and don’t do creative work anymore

  • Marketers are regularly stuck waiting for assets and can’t launch campaigns quickly

  • Clients don’t understand why everything takes so long and are disappointed in your performance

100s of banner formats


Rigid software & long validation process


Overworked designers who bottleneck
 production and halt growth

You’re constantly changing processes and throw more designers at the problem, but remain slow – because their tools aren’t built to handle multi-formats campaigns!

Hiring more designers costs money & makes your organization harder to manage.

Outsourcing adds new validation steps, overhead, and leads to unpredictable results.

Prioritizing big clients at the expense of smaller ones slowly kills your reputation.

“You don’t need more designers. You need a tool that lets designers focus on creativity while enabling other team members to build & scale campaigns on their own.
Alessandro Stigliani

Alessandro Stigliani • CEO

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Abyssale unlocks your growth in 4 steps:

1 Design

Boost designer efficiency with a true multi-format design tool

Give designers the tool they need to layout multi format campaigns in 1/10th of the time. No more fighting with outdated software from the 90s.

How we speed-up design

2 Produce

Unblock campaign production by empowering marketers & operators

Give marketers, operators and clients tools to create campaigns by themselves whenever they need it. All within creative boundaries set by the designer ahead of time.

How we boost team productivity

3 Validate

Speed up approval by removing unnecessary back and forth

Let anyone in your team collaborate on campaigns seamlessly from the same tool. Invite stakeholders to give feedback directly inside the platform.

How we accelerate approval

4 Automate

Scale asset production by automating generation

Connect your existing data and tools to automatically generate thousands of asset variations in seconds.

How we scale asset production
“What appealed to us was the gain in autonomy. To launch a campaign in a new city, I can generate visuals myself by simply adding new data to a template in 5 minutes. No need to go back and forth with the Design team.”
Tom - Karos
Tom · Growth Marketing Manager



In designer time saved 

(cost of a designer in Paris)


Saved based on the avg. salary of a Paris located designer


Banners produced across 4 templates

Abyssale for Designers

  • Design 100’s of formats at the speed of 1.

  • Export template variations in diverse formats.

  • Empower coworkers to generate their own banners.

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Design your format variations in an instant

Abyssale for Marketers

  • Launch campaigns without relying on designers.

  • Automate the generation of multi-channel assets.

  • Localize to multiple markets in minutes.

See how we help marketers launch campaigns faster
Generation of multi-channel assets
“Thanks to Abyssale, our team is completely autonomous and the resizing process is seamless and integrated to their day-to-day tasks.”
Allen Krief

Allen Krief • CEO


“We’ve transitioned from a manual creation process to an interface that generates all the formats after a quick funnel to complete. A huge time saving.”
Agathe braut

Agathe Braut • Art Director


“Creating dynamic visuals has never been this easy. I don’t need to ask a developer for help, and it doesn’t require any design skills.”
Jean-Christian Trapp

Jean-Christian Trapp • Arts & Tech director