We're back with some exciting changes on the platform! It's time to introduce you to our 2.5 version of Abyssale 🌊

What's new?

Look! A new page appeared next to your dashboard! It's the Automate tab where you can manage and monitor your automation tasks.

Let's have a quick tour of this page!

Generation Methods

First on this page, you'll find a list of all the generations methods available on the platform. This section allows to easily create new automations according to your needs. If you want to generate visuals in volume, you'll choose the Spreadsheet generation. However, if you want to embed a personalized visual into an emailing campaign, you'll choose the Dynamic Image generation, etc...

How does it work?

1- Choose your generation method
2- Select your template
3- Manage the settings of your task
4- Generate your assets

Automation Overview

Next, you'll see the "Automation Overview" section which gives you a global view of all your automation tasks. They're categorized according to their type: Spreadsheet, Dynamic Image, Image Form,...

This section is where you will edit your automations and view the generated assets. You'll also have information about their statuses, usage, etc..

Automate is a new flow made to simplify your automation processes. However, you still have the possibility to first select/create your template in the "My Templates" tab and then automate it as usual!

This 2.5 version is the first step towards exciting changes that will appear on the platform in the upcoming weeks! Stay tuned ✌