We heard you! And we are excited to release the alpha version 0.3.

Based on your feedback we've added two main key features you were waiting for:

  • A « font mood » can be selected to help our generation engine to fit more precisely your needs in terms of text styling.
font mood
font mood
  • Colors are perceived very differently from one another. As a result, a primary color can now be chosen during the generation funnel.
color picker
color picker

Below is displayed an example of what you could expect to be rendered (of course this will depend on your initial choice and your assets upload)

new banner

Wait a minute!
The following features have been implemented, allowing us to render better-looking banners:

Text improvements:

  • Font size: Your primary text should now be bigger when your secondary text is long.
  • Title/Subtitle and Title/Paragraph styles added.
  • Text positioning improvements.
  • Harmony between primary and secondary text enhanced by using font pairing.
  • More than 100 fonts added.

Color improvements:

  • The contrast between logo/product image and background color reworked. As a result, your logo should be more visible.
  • Improved colors harmony.
  • More than 3000 colors added. A wider range of colors in your banner

Others fixes:

  • We improved a lot the generation funnel. You should encounter fewer errors.
Errors during the generation funnel
Errors during the generation funnel

If you still encounter those issues, please reach out to us directly! This will greatly help us improve the service and provide you the best experience possible.

As always, if you have any question or feedback, you can reach us on the following networks: