Happy new year 2020! We are excited to release the beta version 1.1 - Clementine edition!

What's new:

Abyssale is evolving and new core features are added to the platform to enhance our generation engine.

  • Variate content (single) - You can now variate the content of a specific banner, this is the first step towards batch variation & generation.
Banners generated on Abyssale
Banners generated on Abyssale
  • Brand presets: Multiple logos - Brand presets now support multiple logos (up to 4), allowing more variations in the generation process.
Brand presets • Multiple logo support
Brand presets • Multiple logo support

This newly deployed version is a stepping stone towards multiple banner & formats variations, allowing our users to scale their visual marketing assets creation.

Fixes & improvements!

We've also fixed and improved some core components of the engine improving performances on the platform:

  • Improvement: New cache layering added to speed up banner loading & rendering.
  • Fix - Various fixes have been made to the user interface

If you still encounter those issues or find new ones, please reach out to us directly! This will greatly help us improve the service and provide you the best experience possible.

As always, if you have any question or feedback, you can reach us on the following networks: