We are cherry happy to see you again for this release of Abyssale version 1.4 - Cherry edition! 🍒

What's new:

Abyssale has evolved and new core features have been added to the platform. We focused on team collaboration and project management for marketers.

  • Collaboration: Comments v1 - Banner sharing includes now our first iteration of our comments system. This feature is the stepping stone towards more sophisticated workflow and collaboration features within Abyssale.
  • Collaboration: User roles - There are currently four user roles (Account owner, administrator, member, and viewer.) that you can choose from when adding a team member to your account, each with increasing restrictions on the actions they can take.
user roles
  • Notifications: Comments - We believe visual marketing is a team efforts spread over weeks, with the addition of our Comment feature we've also added a simple notification center to help you be up to date.
  • Workflow: Banner statuses - Managing multiple visual assets can be overwhelming. Assign statuses to your banners to keep track.
  • Archiving - Projects & brand presets can now be archived.
  • Organization settings - A wide range of settings have been added to organization's accounts, as we add more features to the platform these settings will evolve trough time.
  • Billing - Abyssale can now be used as a self-serve service. Company owners can access the billing page located in the organization settings to manage and update their billing settings. Invoices can also be viewed and downloaded.

Other improvements & fixes!

Our focus for this update was to improve the global user experience of the platform and prepare it for self-serve use. Minor improvements have been made to banners including changes that impacts the overall aspect and quality perception of banners.

  • Fix - Multiple visual fixes have been made to the platform.
  • Improvements - Banner decorations have been updated.

If you encounter issues on the platform please reach out to us directly! This will greatly help us improve the service and provide you the best experience possible.

As always, if you have any question or feedback, you can reach us on the following networks: