Take your creative automation to the next level with the latest update to our Zapier integration! 🚀 As you know, the Abyssale platform has evolved a lot in the past months. To benefit from all the new features we've added to the product, an update to our Zapier integration was long overdue! Let's have a look at all the new actions and triggers available!


in order to help you build more and more amazing workflows, leveraging the image generation capabilities of Abyssale, we've added new triggers to our Zapier integration in this new update.

New image

trigger new image

This trigger helps you start a zap whenever an image is generated in Abyssale. you could for example use it to auto-upload generated images to a Google drive folder.

New image batch

trigger new image batch

This trigger functions more or less the same as the "new image" trigger but is triggered when a batch generation is over. That means you won't get every single image but the zip file created once a batch image generation is completed. For example, you could couple this trigger with the "Export images" action to auto-export and send the zip file to Google Drive or AWS.

New export

trigger new export

This is a trigger that uses the completion of a new export in Abyssale. When you're dealing with thousands of images, the export process can take a while. You could for example use this trigger to send a notification to a Slack channel when an export is completed.


New triggers wouldn't mean much without new actions to come with them. Let's have a tour of all the new options available in our Zapier integration.  

Export images

action export images

With this action, you can export one or multiple images previously generated. Coupled with the "Find image" action this could help you get an already generated image and fetch it, saving you the API consumption cost of having to generate a new banner.

Generate single image

action generate single image

This is an action carried over from the last version of our Zapier integration. Simply generate a single image, in a single format from a specific template previously designed in Abyssale. The result is the generated image's link that you can then send anywhere.

Generate multi-Format images

action generate multi format images

You've been asking for this for a while now! 😉  You can finally launch the generation of images in multiple formats from Zapier. This is great for social media automation for example, as you could generate images for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook at the same time before scheduling them with Buffer.

Find image, format or template

action find

These actions are used to retrieve an image, format or template from your abyssale account to later use it in other actions

We've prepared a special treat for those of you getting to the end of the article. This is a sneek peek into a future feature of Abyssale that we are currently testing through a test Zapier app.

This feature will help you create an opengraph image with an image generated in Abyssale. This is great for your e-mail or Linkedin prospecting as it well help you send personalized images in bulk, in any messaging app.

More on this in the coming weeks but we're really excited about it 🤩

As always, if you have any questions or feedback please let us know!

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