Hello tout le monde, I hope you are doing well! The latest growth of the Abyssale community has helped us to gather a lot of precious feedback in the development of new features. Among this community, we’ve welcomed some big names necessitating custom features which will incrementally trickle down to every user on Abyssale. The entire team has worked hard to bring a lot of new features, fixes and improvements to the product that we’re covering in this changelog.

As we are aiming to produce more and vidéo content, we've prepared a format for those “Changelog” videos that we want to be more organic and interactive in order to show you more of the Abyssale “backstage”So we’re gathering at the beginning of spring to round up all the changes made to the product and the team.

New features

Synchronize styles

synchronized styles

We've added a small toggle to the Template builder to allow you to synchronise the modifications you're doing to your template on all formats. This is a long requested feature and one that is going to save you a lot of time! Want to turn it off? Simply click on the toggle once more.

Banner Hosting

banner hosting

We've added the possibility to host the images you generate on Abyssale directly on our servers. This is especially usefull if you want to use your images on your website or your e-mailing campaigns. To get an image's link, simply go to the "Banners" section of your template and click on the 3 dots in the top right corner of your images.

QR code generator

qr code generator

We've added a QR code module to the template builder. You can add a QR code to your template and then generate infinite variations of it using any of Abyssale's image generation method. You can read a lot more about our QR code generator here.

Return of Brand presets

brand presets

Woop woop! This is the return of Brand presets!!!! You can add as many brand presets as you want by reaching the settings page of your Abyssale account. For each brand preset, you'll be able to add multiple logos, up to 6 colors, a default font, as well as a default button style.

Zapier & Make integration updates

zapier & make updates

We've made a huge update to our Zapier and Make integrations in order to keep them aligned with the newly added features. You can read all about it in the dedicated changelog we've made.

Bug Fixes & improvements

Canva background

canva background

We've added a pattern to the Canva of the template builder for you to better see the difference between your template and the background. We'll improve it as time goes on to improve its contrats level.

Dynamic image URL builder

DI url builder

Dynamic image can be a difficult feature to master. In order to help you get to grips with it, we've added a URL builder to it. Simply "Activate" the layer by clicking on the toggles to see them automatically be added to your URL. You can also input the content you want you'd like to add (ie : {{FirstName}}) to add it to your URL. Once you're done, you just have to copy it and paste wherever you want to generate images on the fly.

Support for international characters

international caracters

The image generation engine of Abyssale now supports any type of characters as long as the font you've chosen supports your international characters.

Button border

button border

The rectangles and texts already had borders, we've simply added them to the button component

Country tags and filters

country tags & filters

This one as also been long requested!!!! We've added the possibility to add country tags to your images inside the Spreadsheet and then filter them by their country in the "Banners' section of your template. This is especially useful for companies needing to produce images in multiple languages for each marketing campaigns.


form wysiswyg

No more markdown shenanigans! The text WYSIWYG has now made its way to the image form! You no longer have to type specific expressions to modify things like font weight, color, underline, line jump and so on.

Print formats

print formats

We've added specific print formats to the template builder! Using those formats, the images you will generate will be in PDF format and using the CMYK color space. This is a great addition for those of you needing to print their generated images. You could use it for flyers, in store communication supports or event accreditations.

This is it for this month, as always, if you have any feature request, please share your ideas with us over on our Facebook group or in the app's live chat.