We are cherry happy to see you again for this release of Abyssale version 1.5 - Peach edition! 🍑

What's new:

This Abyssale update mostly focuses on our editor and various fixes over the platform.

  • Abyssale pricing: You've asked for it! We've added a new Abyssale plan "Lite" starting at 12€/m (≃$14/m). Check our updated Pricing page.
  • Editor - Logo: You can now move, resize and disable logos in the editor.
  • Editor - Text: Texts have been grouped to allow faster color changing.
  • Editor - CTA: You can now change the content of the CTA directly into the editor.
  • Editor - Decorations: You can now disable decorations.
  • Editor - Images: You can now disable filters, gradient overlays, and change overlays opacity.
  • User interface: Multiple visual fixes have been made to the platform.
  • Abyssale API v0.1: Banners can now be generated over API. Expect new features.

Other improvements & fixes!

Minor improvements have been made to banners including changes that impacts the overall aspect and quality perception of banners.

  • Fix - Multiple visual fixes have been made to the platform.
  • Improvements - Banner decorations have been updated.

If you encounter issues on the platform please reach out to us directly! This will greatly help us improve the service and provide you the best experience possible.

As always, if you have any question or feedback, you can reach us on the following networks: