We are excited to release the Abyssale version 1.6 - Banana edition! 🍌

What's new:

Abyssale has evolved and new core features have been added to the platform. Our focus for this release was mainly around our newest feature: The template builder.

Template builder v1

You can now design banner templates in a familiar, Sketch-like interface with drag and drop, layer re-ordering, full typographic controls, and more.

Abyssale template builder v1
Abyssale template builder v1

We've also added some templates designed by our team that you can use today to start automating your marketing efforts. More Abyssale templates will be progressively added.

Abyssale public templates
Abyssale public templates

API: Template builder

All templates designed within our template builder can now be used with our API!

API banner variations
API banner variations

Every single layer within a template can be updated hundreds, thousands... or billions of times using our API.

Check our API documentation to start harnessing the power of creative automation.

Integrations beta: Zapier

We're adding our first batch of integrations to Abyssale starting with Zapier!

Banner generated with the Abyssale Zapier app
Banner generated with the Abyssale Zapier app

Contact our team to get invited to the integration beta

Editor v2

With the addition of our template builder it was the right time to also update our banner editor!

it is now possible to make extended changes to generated banners including:

  • Extended font options (family, sizes, line height, alignments, ...)
  • You can now swap the logo to another one.
  • You can now change the content of any texts.
  • Extended images options(Upload another image, filters enable/disable, ...)
Abyssale Editor V2

You can expect other updates coming into the editor soon™

Other improvements & fixes:

Our focus for this update was to improve the global user experience of the platform and integrates as well our newest features to the user interface.

  • User interface - Multiple visual fixes have been made to the platform.
  • User interface - You are part of multiple organizations within Abyssale? You can now switch between them by clicking on the top-right account dropdown.
  • Account settings -  You can now request your API key within your account settings.

If you encounter issues on the platform please reach out to us directly! This will greatly help us improve the service and provide you the best experience possible.

As always, if you have any question or feedback, you can reach us on the following networks: