We're back with some exciting changes on the platform! It's time to introduce you to our 2.6 version of Abyssale 🌊

What's new:

Abyssale is evolving and new core features are added to the platform.

New Template type: Printable PDFs

You can now create multi-formats Print templates!
This new feature allows you to design and automate the production of compliant printable PDFs:

  • CMYK color space compatibility.
  • Choose between millimeters or inches for dimensions.
  • TIFF images support (CMYK images).
  • Printable PDF export: PDF/X-4 standard compliance.
  • 300 DPI export resolution.
Printable PDFs

Builder Enhancements

Designing on Abyssale is one of the major features on the platform. This is why we are always looking for ways to improve the design process to be as smooth as possible.

In this update we are introducing new features & improvements to the builder:

  • Rulers & Guidelines: Added rulers & guidelines within the builder interface for improved usability.
  • Improved snapping: Enhanced layer snap & magnets for a smoother user experience.
Rulers & Guidelines

Enhanced Layer Management

You can now select multiple layers simultaneously directly from the layer manager.

Multiple layers selection

Animation Timeline Improvement

Creating animated templates can become quite time consuming, especially when you have multiple layers to animate.

Based on your feedback we've added the ability to select, drag, reduce, and increase the track sizes of multiple layers in the animation timeline. This update will greatly enhance your efficiency when designing animation heavy templates.

Animation timeline improvement

Spreadsheet export

You've created an Abyssale spreadsheet and want to export what you've imported or added manually directly in Abyssale?

It is now possible! You can now download your imported (or manually added) content as a CSV file.

Spreadsheet export

Other improvements & fixes!

  • HTML5 Export settings: Implemented inline Base64 asset encoding, adding images within the index.html file.
  • Export options: Introducing new export options for static templates: Auto, PNG, PDF, JPEG filetype exports.
  • Airtable Compatibility: Resolved Abyssale's Airtable App issues causing multi-formats generation errors.

If you still encounter those issues or find new ones, please reach out to us directly!
This will greatly help us improve the service and provide you the best experience possible.

As always, if you have any question or feedback, you can reach us on the chat!