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Abyssale allows us to quickly and simply personalize images. They’re always here to help in a reactive way and are always listenning to suggestions. I 100% recommend this solution
Camille - toogoodtogo



What appealed to us was the gain in autonomy. If I decide tomorrow to launch a campaign in a new city, I can generate my visuals myself by simply adding new data to a template in 5 minutes. No need to go back and forth with the Design team
Tom - Karos



We have gone from a model of generating banners by hand, to an interface that directly generates all the formats after a quick funnel to complete. A huge time saving, but also a more precise result thanks to the implementation of precise guideline
Agathe braut



Frequently asked questions

Account & Billing
How does the free trial work ?

You can book a demo with our team to get a free, 14 days access to all of Abyssale’s features and generate up to 30 images

What happens when I switch from a monthly to an annual plan ?

In case of the annualization of your subscription, we will reimburse your current monthly subscription on a pro rata basis for the number of days remaining. You will be debited immediately for the annual amount corresponding to the plan subscribed.

What type of payment methods do you offer ?

We accept all major credit or debit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and China UnionPay.

For Enterprise clients, we can accept invoices for orders that meet a minimum fee. Please reach out to for more information.

How to redeem a coupon code ?

We sometimes run promotions during events. If you are lucky enough to receive one, here is how to use it : How can I use "Discount Code"?

Do you offer special discounts for non profits, associations, schools... ?

A 50% lifetime discount on all subscriptions is available upon providing proof. To benefit from this discount, contact us at

Image and Video Generation
What can I use Abyssale for ?

You can use Abyssale to automate your marketing visual creation, auto-generate videos and HTML5 animation, send personalized images or allow anyone in your company to generate on-brand images without any design skill

What if I go over my credits limits ?

If you try to generate more images than your current subscription allows, you will receive an error message telling you that you do not have enough credit to complete the image generation process. To carry on generating, you’ll will need to upgrade your subscription.

Do all image/pdf/video/gif/html5 generation count as one credit ?

Each generation on the platform will cost a defined number of credits. The cost in credits is different depending on the type of file generated:
- Image Generation (jpeg/png): 1 credit
- PDF: 3 credits
- HTML5 & GIF & MP4: 5 credits per second

To know more more about how much credits you would need. Check-out our Credit Calculator

You can also use your credits to order Custom Templates from our team of designers: Learn more.

If you re-launch a task or the generation of an image/video already generated, this counts as extra Credits. However, for images, if you use the editing features to edit the content of an image, this won’t consume an extra credit.

What type of generation methods do you offer ?

With Abyssale, you can generate your images using our API, or from the platform via the various features such as image form, dynamic image, Tasks.

There is no limit to your imagination, use external integrations such as Zapier or integromat to automate the generation of images.

How long does it take to generate an image or video?

The generation of an image is almost instantaneous, but it depends of course on the size and the content of these images.
The more photos there are in your image and the heavier they are, then the generation will take more time.

For videos, you can expect a delay of few seconds before the generation is complete. Just like for images, the longer the video, the longuer the delay.

What file types can I generate images and videos in ?

You can export the images you have generated in .png format if the background is transparent or in .jpeg if it’s not. You are also able to generate your visuals in PDF format from the advanced plan.

For Videos, youc an export them in .mp4 format for Overlays on videos and .mp4, GIF or HTML5 for animated templates

Can I invite team members ?

You can invite a defined number of collaborators depending on the plan you have subscribed to. You can work together on the design of templates and the process of creating and validating images. If you have a specific internal organization, you can give your collaborators restricted rights.

Do I need a team to start using Abyssale ?

The advantage of abyssale is that you can do everything on your own, from creating templates using a public template or by doing it yourself, to generating image variations by creating tasks or from external integration

Can I set permissions for my team members ?

Define specific permissions and roles for your co-workers so that they are in line with your production processes. Find the list of permissions by role in this article : Manage Team Members

Can I comment on images with my teammates ?

You have just generated an image on Abyssale and you wish to have the approval of a co-worker ? Nothing could be simpler, send the Share link of the image you’d like to get approved so that he can comment it via the comment system integrated in the platform.

Can I set statuses and approval rules for templates and images ?

Organize your creation process as a team by putting a status on your images and template, this way you will know at what stage your creation is: in progress, pending, etc... find all the information on this subject on this article:
Change the approval status of a banner

How can I organize my templates and images ?

Organize your templates by creating categories in which you will classify them. For your images, you will find all your generated images directly in the overview page of the template you’ve generated them from. This way, you will know from which template you have generated the image.

Can I share a template or an image with anyone ?

Share internally your generated images with your co-workers to get their review, and even with people outside your organization who don't have an Abyssale account. For templates, this feature is not yet available.

Can I allow someone outside of my organization to generate images ?

You can allow people who don't have an Abyssale account to generate images from one of your templates by using the Image form feature.
Define what you want to make editable by people who will use the form, send them the link and voila!

Template builder
What is a Template ?

A template on Abyssale is a reusable design.
You design a template, derive it in multiple formats and then generate as variants of this design by modifying the content through the various image generation method we offer.

There are 3 types of templates :

- "Static templates", to generate static images
- "Overlay on video", to generate a static overlay on top of a video
- "Animated templates", to generate animated videos, HTML5 animations and GIFs

What components do I have to build a template ?

Find the list of components available inside the Template builder, in the price table above. To learn more about their specificities, please contact us.

Can I use custom fonts ?

You can add as many custom fonts as you want on any plan. By default you have access to the complete Google font library

Does Abyssale work with all languages ?

You can use abyssale to generate images in most languages. We currently support Latin, Cyrillic and Arabic fonts. Feel free to vary the content of your images with the languages you need.

Can I use Royalty free images, graphics and illustration?

You can indeed use this type of images on the platform, moreover there is the Unsplash integration allowing you to access millions of free images, right inside the template builder and spreadsheet.

Regarding the images you use for your campaigns, it is your responsibility to check if you have the right to use them for profit, we decline any responsibility.

How many formats can I add to a Template ?

For now, there is no limit to the number of formats you can add to a template. However, we recommend that you do not exceed 12 formats per template in order to avoid performance issues.

Can I use custom formats ?

By default we offer you the industry standards, however you also have the possibility to use your own custom formats.

You will be limited to a maximum height and width of 4000 pixels.

How many templates can I create ?

There is no limit to the number of templates you can create, you can make as many as you want on any subscription plan

Are the public templates and their assets royalty free ?

All templates made available to you have been designed with assets from Unsplash or components present in the template builder.

Therefore, these templates are free of rights for commercial purposes.

How can I get in touch with Abyssale ?

You can contact us by email at or simply make an appointment with us from this page: Request a demo

What days and times is the support available ?

Support is available Monday through Friday from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm UTC +1 Paris time. You can contact us by chat or email at

Do I have access to the support on all plans ?

Support is available for all plans, but we are committed to respond faster and with priority to the highest plans (premium, enterprise).

Does Abyssale offer help in creating templates and generating images ?

Yes, of course! Our support can help you get started with the platform. However, if you want us to create your templates and images directly, this is an additional service on a subscription basis, for more information contact us.

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