It's already winter ❄️ but we won't leave you out in the cold without a hot chocolate☕  and our latest release of  Abyssale version 1.12 - Journey to v2

What's new:

Our focus for this v1.12 was mainly around introducing stepping stones to our upcoming Abyssale v2.0.

A huge effort has been made around improving the overall user experience of the platform, generated banners have now been moved to their template, and we're also introducing a new design language allowing us to ship even more great features in a near future!

New overall user experience!

As we advance deeper into the abyss, we've decided to start updating the overall user experience of the platform.

You're gonna ask why another redesign? Well to put it simply, these past months we've been closely monitoring how our users behave on Abyssale. Based on these data we've decided to make some major changes!

Abyssale - My templates
Abyssale - My templates

Generated banners are now linked to their "parent" template

Finding a specific banner/image can become quite difficult when you generate a couple hundred, thousands, or even more banners. This is one of the main reasons we've decided to remove altogether the "banners" folder/tab and move generated banners to their parent template.

We've also added easier ways for you to find, filter, and select your generated banners as well!

Exported files custom naming

Organizing your generated images can become quite important especially when you're dealing with hundreds of advertising campaigns... To help you be more efficient we've added the ability to define a custom naming scheme to your generated banners!

This feature can be applied to one specific template via its settings.

Abyssale - Custom naming scheme
Abyssale - Custom naming scheme

Templates usage statistics

The lack of statistics on your account can be sometimes quite frustrating, this is why we've started to add more statistics & information on your templates allowing you to have a better understanding of where your generation credits are being spent. This is especially useful for those of you using Abyssale with automation.

More account statistics will be released next time in our upcoming new account dashboard 😎!

Abyssale - Template statistics & details
Abyssale - Template statistics & details

Templates categories

You can now categorize your templates! This feature is quite useful if you're starting to have a lot of templates to manage. You can now create, edit, and delete a category and add templates to it.

Abyssale - Manage template categories
Abyssale - Manage template categories

Push notifications & toasts

Sometimes you don't really know if an action you've achieved has been understood correctly by the platform... This is why we're also rolling out our newest notification system, giving you more information on what's happening on your Abyssale account.

Other improvements, changes & fixes:

We've also published a couple of fixes improving the overall experience of the platform including:

Google Authentification

  • New Abyssale users can now create an account using Google auth.

PNG export

  • When a template artboard doesn't have any background opacity, then generated banners are automatically exported as .PNG transparent files.

Abyssale API

If you encounter any bump on the road please let us know!
Every single feedback greatly helps us improve the platform quality and provide you with the best experience possible.

As always, if you have any questions or feedback please let us know!

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