We are excited to release the Abyssale version 1.7 - Pear edition! 🍐

What's new:

These past months have been a rollercoaster for our team, a lot of new users have joined us this is why we had to scale our infrastructure to make Abyssale future-proof!

Based on your feedback our focus for this release was mainly around improving the overall user experience but also some updates to the Template Builder capabilities.

Goodbye, projects... Hello, folders! - The entire project view has evolved into a more friendly approach: a folder architecture.

  • Drag & select: Being able to drag & select multiple elements is by far the most used features on any computers... You can now achieve the same action on Abyssale!
  • Folder hierarchy: You can now create folders into folders, into folders, into ... (you get the idea).
  • Move folders: You'd like to move a folder somewhere else? We got your back!
Folder drag & select
Folder drag & select

You can also generate banners and leave them on the primary folder (root).

Abyssale users feedback -  Our roadmap is based on your needs! This is why we've decided to give you a better view of what will come next, but also give you a way to drive our roadmap by submitting your ideas on what should come next!

Head straight to our new roadmap portal to see what's coming next and vote for what you think should be our priority!

Roadmpa portal
Roadmap portal

Template builder -  We've added new capabilities to our components!

Creating templates and using our API should be as easy as possible this is why we've made multiple additions to our existing components.


  • Custom fonts support: You can now upload your fonts into the template builder
  • Text background: You can now add a background to your text! This background expends as you add more content.
  • Text skew: You'd like to rotate your text to give it a more "Need for Speed" effect? It is now possible!
  • Text outline: You can now add some outlines to your text!
Template builder component text
Template builder component text


  • Shape rotations: You can now rotate any shapes giving you better control over what you'd like to design.
  • Border-radius: That square is too "squarish"? Not anymore! Enable border-radius on rectangular shapes.
  • Outline: As with the text component, outlines has been added to shapes as well.
  • SVG patterns: You can add some patterns to a shape background. 13 patterns have been added to this update.
Template builder component shapes
Template builder component shapes


  • Overlay: You can now add overlays to any images! Gradient overlays are supported as well.
  • Filters: We've added a fresh batch of filters ranging from multiple duotones to grayscale (for the artsy one out there).
  • Unsplash library: You can now search and select images from Unsplash directly into the Template Builder!
Template builder component images
Template builder component images

Integrations: Zapier - We're eager to help out all of you to set up their first automated workflow using our Zapier integrations and taste the power of creative automation!

  • Connect Airtable and automatically generate new banners each time a new row is added to your table.
  • Connect Shopify and automatically generate new banners each time a new product is added to your catalog.
  • The sky is the limit! Reach out to us if you'd like some specific integrations to spice up your workflow!
Zapier Integrations! ie: Airtable x Abyssale
Zapier Integrations! ie: Airtable x Abyssale

Other improvements & fixes:

Our focus for this update was to improve the global user experience of the platform and integrates as well our newest features into the user interface.

  • User interface - Multiple visual fixes have been made to the platform.

If you encounter issues please reach out to us directly! This will greatly help us improve the service and provide you the best experience possible.

As always, if you have any question or feedback, you can reach us on the following networks: