Facebook remains one of the most effective social networks in terms of advertising. With almost 3 billion monthly active users, it's easy to see why. The challenge on this network is not the lack of traffic, but the competition.

Your ads must therefore stand out with visuals that attract attention and make people want to click. Easier said than done...

To put all the chances on your side and inspire you, we have prepared a list of campaigns that have proven to work on Facebook Ads.

What works in a Facebook Ads campaign in 2023

Before we show you some examples, let's look at how to build your Facebook Ads campaigns in 2023.

A no-frills visual

The trend is towards simplicity and efficiency. Don't try to make an eye-popping visual, but rather something that communicates the right message. Don't be afraid to use white or black as your main colors. However, don't overdo the colors.

Sometimes the product stands on its own. If you know it's popular with consumers, don't overdo it, play it simple.

A message that invites to go further

They always say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so don't force the number of characters. If the visual offers a pleasant atmosphere to the user, the message must be persuasive. Therefore, favor short texts and make sure they are as clear as possible. Talk about the benefits of your product or say nothing.

On the other hand, magic words such as "free", "now", "new", etc. keep their persuasive power, so do not forget them, but use them sparingly.

Don't overlook any format

There is no format that is more effective than any other. Rather, there is a format that is appropriate for every strategy. Nevertheless, we invite you to adapt to users who in the vast majority consult Facebook from their mobile. So think about vertical formats.

We have dedicated an article to this subject. To learn more, click on this link.

Facebook Ads: get inspired!

Let's stop the suspense and launch what you came for: examples of Facebook Ads campaigns

Sobriety according to Nike

nike facebook ads example

When we tell you that the product is sometimes enough on its own... The Air Max 97 are a must-have for the brand. So why add to it?

A white background, the photo of the product, a title in capital letters, a logo and it's done!

Communicate its values like Spotify

spotify facebook ads example

Spotify was created with the goal of making music accessible and free to all users while respecting the work of artists. That's what made them successful. So, we might as well continue to communicate in this sense with a call to action, which could not be clearer "Listen to your music for free".

You will notice that despite the daring colors, the structure of the visual and the fonts remain very sober. And to support the notoriety of a campaign, what better than an artist with almost 40 million streams/month on the platform?

Speak benefits like Shopify

shopify facebook ads example

On the other hand, the message can't be more explicit. For a platform that promises steady online revenue to its users, if on top of that, it promises quick first results, what could be more compelling?

Push curiosity with carousels like Dell

dell facebook ads example

Carousels also have their advantages. When it comes to showcasing a new computer collection, Dell is ingenious in cutting an image in half to entice the user to slide.

Moreover, the offer is irresistible with a limited time. It's called FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and while the practice is not new, they continue to prove themselves.

A story. A message. Like Udemy

udemy facebook ads example

How do you do it when you have several difficult solutions to illustrate? We keep it simple and effective, like Udemy.

  • An ultra-short explicit title
  • An average rating of more than 4.5/5
  • An illustration that is more expressive than aesthetic

In addition, we display three or four offers in a row to be sure that the prospect does not miss seeing the ad.

Share testimonials like Preply

preply facebook ads example

Social proof is one of the strongest marketing levers out there. It's not going to change in 2023. Preply understands this with this campaign that shares a user's glowing review left about the platform.

To go even further than Preply, you can share a testimonial left by a customer on your Google business profile. Abyssale allows you to automate the creation of visuals every time a new comment is left, we explain how in this tutorial.

Address those who only believe what they see like Bolt Food

bolt food facebook ads example

2 lines of text, 1 color, 1 image, a discount and it gives you a ready-made ad!

How do you open your prospects' shingle... or rather appetite with three times nothing? Ask Bolt Food.

Finally, these 7 examples of Facebook Ads will give you ideas to make your own campaigns. If this still doesn't inspire you, Abyssale offers more templates. You can generate the same design in several formats (vertical or square).

To go further in your Facebook Ads campaigns, we invite you to read this article which lists the best practices to put in place to prepare your campaigns.