You may have noticed some changes on the platform recently... We're back to introduce you to your new dashboard!

Quick Start

quick start section

The Quick Start section gives you a quick access to our generation methods and your recently edited templates. With the launch of Automate, you can now choose your generation according to your needs, then select the template you like, and generate your assets!


Automation section

Explore all our generation methods and integrations to completely automate your visual production workflow!

Relevant Resources

Relevant resources and quick access to theblog

Have a quick look at our latest blog articles! You'll find helpful tutorials and resources about marketing automation, AI, advertising, marketing best practices and more!

Account consumption & Details

credits & bandwidth consumption

On the right panel, you'll find all the necessary information about your Plan and generations. The first bloc allows you to monitor your credit and bandwidth consumption according to your plan. The graph below shows you the evolution of your generations in the last 30 days.

That's it for this new dashboard! Don't forget to join us on LinkedIn to get the latest updates about Abyssale 🌊